Also this says YouTube celebrity

Also this says YouTube celebrity rather than YouTuber and Im just realizing again how we were the guinea pigs of the internet

danaannn Moon Also this says "YouTube celebrity" rather than YouTuber and I'm just realizing again how we were the guinea pigs of the internet. sad bad bitch

Brahmandam1 @thevirdas But when you pigs eat everything that crawl - animals enjoy being eaten by you monsters. Is that right - char anna ka celebrity

Artistlike Taxed without representation. @EliseStefanik You support Donald Trump, who calls women “fat pigs,” ethnic populations “rapists and murderers,” said he “schlonged” Clinton, says he can assault women because he’s a celebrity, says he wants to “date” his own daughter because of her “hot figure.” Now you call for decency? Lyme & health, entertainment, LGBT writer; artistlike, follower of the golden rule. Maybe I’m a witch lost in time.
HariSgapp Kerala, India 22 JUPITER RAHU YOGA MEY BE LIKE A BLACK CELEBRITY AMONGST PIGS. or say disciples are all criminals. Jupiter moon is guru gets fire power. If it's a game, I'll play it. I'll gladly support YouTube channels that are still starting up. Hopefully I'll have my own channel eventually