Its the literal end of

Its the literal end of days because pigs are flying and liberal Democrat celebrity Debra Messing is calling out

GerhardtFox It's the literal end of days because pigs are flying and liberal Democrat celebrity Debra Messing is calling out #BLMTerrorism. #ApocalypseNow Counter-terrorist #OSINT analyst and founder of USCDN, political activist and national coordinator for #J4J6, project developer, geopolitical analysis, legal.
itsfoxyjohn I’m a celebrity get me out of here is essentially a sadistic torture chamber. The whole thing is merely a starvation experiment using so called celebrities as guinea pigs. And it’s quite fascinating. #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere We can only grow. We must try to do so with fairness. Do not stand for injustice of any kind!
LeroyMenez Pete Davidson Rocks a Massive Hickey During a Romantic Date Night with Kim Kardashian. F N garbage couple of pigs.
MeetDougie in scotland @ImACeleb2020 Taking inspiration from 'I'm a celebrity' I ate a cows testicle, a pigs eyeball and a sheep's penis last night. Or a Lidel sausage roll as it's better known...
PTVLiam92 Leeds, England So, that marks the further start of own ascension outside of dark night of the soul with what I realised I couldn't sit by and watch based on the fear I felt from that pigs nose in I'm a celebrity get me outta here. psychic medium, nerd excessively.
pjdjambo Edinburgh, Scotland There’s a pandemic allegedly from a bat yet these clowns on I’m a celebrity are eating raw fish eyes goats baws pigs Brains cows noses and pig uterus and a bulls cock yet we are not to breathe next to anyone Hearts fc, Man Utd fc, FC Barcelona
oliciferstan Lion's ass @isaacdunbarstoe Is this your secret phone where you call only celebrity pigs? TV show lover. Cat owner. Writer. Reader. I'm probably obsessed with your favourite TV ship. @fandomsslayouts is my other account ❤ she/her❤
NaeBankos083 DC 202 Y’all be with all the street shit until it’s a celebrity now it’s find they killers 😒 I’m mad niggas dying too but when my dawg died I ain’t step in one court room cause that was never the type of time he was on when he got shot he ain’t even let them pigs talk to him! #ripbestfriend💔 a mother first 👩‍👧
AndrewC28474987 New York, NY @AOC The day you walk into a bodega in the hood and do your own shopping instead of having servants to do it is the day pigs sprout wings and fucking fly. Youre a caricature of a B celebrity and a faux leftist. When you actually read Das Kapital ill eat my hat. Poet, Mystic, Visionary, Shaman, Philosopher, King Broadcasting live from the Ninth Circle of Hell

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