Some Terrorists even calling those

Some Terrorists even calling those 69 pigs a celebrity CelebrityJay Shree RamHar Har Mahadev

AkhandBharat200 India @ZapLibtards @PradeepBajpai57 @01Karn @ShefVaidya @anuragkashyap72 Some Terrorists even calling those 69 pigs a celebrity. Celebrity😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Jay Shree Ram🚩 Har Har Mahadev🚩 Specialty lies in Simplicity...Being Simple is alwz followed by Truth...Loyalty...Trustworthiness जय श्रीराम...जय माँ भवानी... हर हर महादेव... वन्दे मातरम.. 🚩
flcourier Florida, USA Eating pigs or dogs – What’s the difference? Every so often, a celebrity leads the decades-long Western crusade to stop people in the #FarEast from #eatingdogmeat. Actress #KimBasinger #AnthonyLHall, #RickyGervais, SHARING BLACK LIFE, STATEWIDE-The Black newspaper voice of Florida, USA. We empower, educate, entertain and advocate for Florida's African-American population.
Horatioforever aboard the Hotspur @PoorFrankRaw No pigs’ scattering ? Dina is quite a celebrity now, the ultimate ‘absolute unit’ : maybe did they come for her, as a national treasure ? 😎 Librarian 🎈aka I. Radweird. Serial hugger. MSS, church crawling, graffiti, science, arts, ships. #FuckFear. #RebelForLife. Profile @nancynibs 💎 #WilliamWilson
MikeyJamieson7 BuzzFeed: We want to spread diversity and equality everywhere. Also BuzzFeed: ALL STRAIGHT CISGENDER WHITE MEN ARE PIGS AND THEY DESERVE NOTHING! You also shouldn't objectify women, but oh my God, have you seen that male celebrity's bulge? PEE IN MY MOUTH, DADDY! 18 - aspiring drag queen
Aryanhelps Earth @AmitMathew7 @NIRANJANGOWDACM @DGrieshnak @ToyotaIndia I will take no offence if my face is morphed with top celebrity like Rajnikant but definitely won't like it if my face is morphed with a pig. And someone telling me that I should treat both the cases/memes equally is like saying Rajnikant and pigs are both same thing. Vegan. Agnostic Atheist. Metalhead. Patriot. I am a pure racist! I just love animals, the entire human race can go f**k themselves.

I must be psychic