The last I saw she

The last I saw she was an aspiring porn actress looking for cash pigs to fund her lavish life style whilst she performed as an online dominatrix this was after the abortion for the nose job and the considered abortion for CBB

Cinister09 Cambridge @briege1982 @danger2bananas @thismorning The last I saw she was an "aspiring porn actress" looking for "cash pigs" to fund her "lavish" life style whilst she performed as an online dominatrix....... this was after the abortion for the nose job... and the considered abortion for CBB. • Photographer • Musician • Music Lover • YouTube & Twitch: Cinister09 --- Live streams of PS4 games •

Bdy10 @zzptie All we are saying is, she know the risk and accepted it when she took the pic. It fucking sucks guys are pigs! They hack and black mail. However I can’t cry for every celebrity every 3 months that has nudes leak maybe it's not the world that's bad, maybe it's you.

Social_Media_c8 Murphy’s Pigs – Celebrity ‘disendorsement’ campaign Visit the most popular News Network on Social Media with more than a hundred sites bringing you the full news spectrum.

dani1166 Queensland, Australia @Stegobecksaurus Girl, didn't you know your a celebrity now. You and your percy pigs. I feel honoured to be able to breath in your presence! 28 years young 👩‍🍳 Chef ❤ Married 🐶 Whippet mum Red Dead Redemption is life! 🤠

larryweil5 @MediaBuzzFNC @KatTimpf U should remember. Meagan asked tRUMP. You’ve called women you don’t like “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” TRUMP: Only Rosie O’Donnell. KELLY: No... KELLY: ... You once told a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees.

WordOnTheFarm I'm not gonna retweet the post (and you're pigs if you did), but killer props to @bellathorne for taking the power back over these celebrity blackmailing scumbags. Boston sports fan, Food Network junkie, WWE fan

_merajhasan @nehasaigol1 I am not taking morality lessons from someone who feels pigs need to be justified because their favorite celebrity chooses to be a hypocrite. Engineer | Researcher | Educator | Google Scholar:
GeoMcGuire @charliekirk11 @KatiePavlich The MSM and “celebrity” PIGS that attacked her mercilessly can learn something about dignity and honor from this great woman- best wishes, Sarah!! ❤️🇺🇸👍💪😎

littlecatsidhe New York State @lqfeelings Pick your battles with better intentions in mind. You literally just equated someone sharing a personal truth to corporate pigs who leach off of communities. LGBT people are allowed to come out of the closet during Pride season. Celebrity or not. queer - xe pronouns - twenty-four - poet - polytheist - anthropologist - aspiring baker - gutter witch for hire - dm for tarot readings

Sherloc43863463 England, United Kingdom Happens to thousands of people everyday

ds61254 "Jon Stewart" FINALLY!!!!!! Pigs have started flying today because a "celebrity" is using their voice for something constructive and worthy!! This is something people will actually listen to. Pay attention "celebrities". Use your voice for something good and decent! Not your TDS #MAGA

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