These celebs who need their

These celebs who need their egos amp penis stroked by kids are filthy pigs In fact I hate to insult pigs with their comparison Clooney is looney not someone to ever listen to George Clooney dragged in to Jeffrey Epstein scandal

free2meetu follwed by AG Barr These celebs who need their egos & penis’ stroked by kids are filthy pigs 🐖 In fact I hate to insult pigs with their comparison. Clooney is looney, not someone to ever listen to. ⁦@FoxNews⁩ George Clooney dragged in to Jeffrey Epstein scandal. MARRIED,Proud mom,Patriot,Christian,Rep-Nationalist,NO PC, 🇺🇸❤️Trump,❤️Dogs,❤️⚾️, Breast Cancer Survivor, AFRL-USAF Civ (R) #MAGA/#KAG 2A/NRA🚫DMs 🚫Lists
lilfreaksh0w ma ok one thing i don’t agree w is ppl shitting on cevans for doing a photo op w some c*ps like how u gon expect a celebrity to tell ppl no when they ask for a pic even if they are pigs dumb idiot bitch
Charles17862241 @eddiern24 @Rockprincess818 AND DONT YOU BELIEVE FOR A MINUTE THE CELEBRITY GOONS WON'T GET WAIVERS TO KEEP GUNS JUST LIKE THE RICH DEMOCRAP PIGS GOT WAIVERS FROM THE O OBAMA BOO BOO FAUX HEALTHCARE PLAN, Truth. The image is pre war russian propaganda, basically says knowledge breaks the chains of tyranny, ironic coming from stalins art department. go figure.
btshapir @ChicagoBooth Targeting fail of epic proportions. I don't eat pork. I regularly click on articles about how smart pigs are, inhumane treatment of commercial pigs, etc from within @twitter. I follow the account of a celebrity pig, @EstherThePig, liking almost everything she posts. Marketing Professor with an interest in health markets. See my SSRN page here:
EvansWharff60 Wales, United Kingdom @simpson_anton What he is actually saying is if your poor and fat die out of the way, but if your rich or celebrity fat you can just keep getting fatter off the poor people that haven't died yet. Greedy capitalist pigs that's what you are! Still on strike coal miner, militant tendency, hate fascist pigs!
nocensorship23 Escondido, CA @CarolCATX @JeanVandal5 @SaraCarterDC @CNN @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Got the tiniest violin in the world for whiny unAmerican pigs like you, you like dotard so much, spend a few minutes alone with the criminal traitor and see how you like him grabbing your pussycat because, you know, he's a celebrity and they let him do anything he wants. Voice of the Escondido Grapevine. Welcome, lovers of great stories, fans of the digital media arts. Award-winning LION member. Journalism for the rest of us.
MaterialWeaknes some company's conference room @monolithic87 @royibex @Hoosiers1986 @BarackObama There was not just ONE video. YouTube may have only left that ONE video up, but there was multiple chants like this. Kaepernick, as a key celebrity spokesperson, wore socks depicting cops as pigs. Their whole movement was based on cop hatred
cb_inc Indianapolis, IN @XplodingUnicorn, if you need a night away from your kiddos and pigs, come out to support our kiddos at Children’s Bureau Celebrity Cook-Off on October 1st. Reply to this post if you can attend. #sizzlewithcelebs Preserving families and protecting the future of Indiana's children since 1851.

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