Things thatll probably never happen-Pigs

Things thatll probably never happen-Pigs flying-Bethesda make a game without bugs-a year without YouTube screwing up-a year without a major celebrity dying-epic pc build without RGB lights-axel being a dom

LazyDergenBoi pp ville Things that'll probably never happen: -Pigs flying -Bethesda make a game without bugs -a year without YouTube screwing up -a year without a major celebrity dying -epic pc build without RGB lights -axel being a dom just call me axel! I'm a dragon who likes making art! sometimes NSFW art/retweets(kids will be executed on the spot)
warr1977 Cape Town, South Africa @MbalulaFikile ANC is taking SA for fools. This IDIOT wanna be a celebrity but is a doos. I cannot for the life of me understand why this 🤡 should be respected as well as the ANC. I hope their handlers turn drastically on them all after their expiry dates. Enjoy the troughs you PIGS. Dislike Lying, Thieving & Corrupt politicians. Since the dawn of Democracy (if we have🤷🏽) in SA, I've NEVER voted | iamAtheist | I don't believe in fairytales

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