Wasnt Bay of Pigs the

Wasnt Bay of Pigs the theme on Iron Chef when he was a celebrity judge

craigarmstrong United States @FozzieBear88 @MeidasTouch Wasn’t Bay of Pigs the theme on Iron Chef when he was a “celebrity” judge? Professor of Entrepreneurship. Creator of novel learning experiences. I believe in young people, education, & the future. #EdTech #ExperientialEntrepreneurship

JamesDoom Detroit Your life is now a far better place. The Rock was busted shoplifting pigs. Or was it all a misunderstanding? #celebrity #celebrityshoplifting #DailyDrunk #journalism #truth #justice #humor Writing. Acting. Inadvertently butchering Clash songs . Celebrity Shoplifting Beat Reporter at @DailyDrunkMag #WritingCommunity
DeeeGrizzley @iamcardib This is sad how y’all say she’s famous but when it’s another celebrity Yall say “they’re human”. Y’all some disgusting ass pigs for speaking on her and her family. Y’all forget that karma come for your ass. I’m not a regular mom, I’m a chronically ill mom 💅🏽 Fighting #Fibromyalgia the cute way

MrsMcCracken4 Lol this is definitely me in our DL classroom ♥️🐶🐱🦎🐴🐍🐹♥️ I love seeing my kiddos' fur families join us in class! We've had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, crested geckos, snakes, & horses join us in class this year! Scout & Koda have made some celebrity appearances too! 🥰🐶🐶 Elementary School Teacher 🐯🐍 • LCPS • B.S. & M.A.T. in Elementary Ed from JMU • Longwood RLL Grad Student • Literacy is my Jam! 📖 • she/her • Wear a mask! ♥️

harro3343 Australia @TheOnlyDJQualls @realDonaldTrump Well said and these comments saying celebrity opinions don’t matter pigs a$$ they don’t matter @TheOnlyDJQualls and every other celeb if they vote they get to have an opinion Single father, my son is my life would do anything for him, i am a huge movie tv show buff and I'm a comic book nerd I very much enjoy comic conventions

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