Yeah bcs who tf cares

Yeah bcs who tf cares about truth when its more fun to bully celebrity some people are born to be sick disgusting pigs And you are one of them not my problem its you parantes problem who failed to faise child

CultAmbassador1 Republic of PEACEMINUSONE @namgiville @lovesickvirgo Yeah bcs who tf cares about truth when it's more fun to bully celebrity ...some people are born to be sick disgusting pigs . And you are one of them ...not my problem, it's you parantes problem who failed to faise child. Fan Account. Slut for @IBGDRGN P.S. you rats coming here to check my bio ...you all can fuck yourselves . Not VIP ..so don't come at me with that fandom bs

BertramHot @NadineDorries Why oh why did you go on I'm a celebrity Nadine was that so you could try and stay relevent at that time. Your just another conservative who crawls around wurzil Johnson like pigs among sticking up for this parasite pm we can see what you are. Hi

bashthefash86 Antifa Tower, Room 69 I’m really tired of some of these celebrity activists being “surprised” that the state will send riot pigs to a protest. That’s what they’re paid to do. Suppress any sort of rebellion regardless of the size or the intentions. 🏴 Ⓐ Without the adjectives, Straight Edge xxx generictron@protonmail.com he/him
alutadarf Jos, Nigeria This Should Be What We Are Considering In The #BabaIjesha Case And Not The Whack, Twisted And Sickening Suggestions Of Depraved Minds Advocating For A Broadcast Of The CCTV Footage Of A Child Being Touched By Mindless Excuse Of A Celebrity. #Lefty #Farmer #Agriprenuer #Techie #LFC #Reggae #3GC #MSPSP #APC #Buharist #TweetInCaps RTs Are Just RTs

CMT Nashville .@haileywhitters gives us all the small-town girl content we NEED! Follow along for celebrity pigs, cornfields and how she celebrated getting on country radio with a little something green 🤪 @cmtHot20 Sat/Sun 9a/8c. 🤠 Insta / YouTube / Facebook/ TikTok: CMT

TheCryptoSniper London, England YES! F*ck their manufactured virtue signaling woke 'fake ass' celebrity culture. Loving their death, keep switching off kiddies, you are killing their power over you. #Oscars @NBA Basketball next plse, preachy overpaid lanky giants throwing a pigs bladder thru a ring. Active Crypto Trader, Technical Analyst, Premium Crypto Trading room provider, Wealth Builder for self & All in a Reset World.

Actystar @EskidanceLive Tinch was on fire star in the hood days still . I lost respect when he went on I’m a celebrity and ate the pigs anus. 😂😂😂

MrRew9 I kinda like Ben and totally get Judge Rinder but who the f*** is Josie Gibbons? Why can she use the handle celebrity? Can you become famous for an ability to be thick as pigs sh*t? I dunno anymore 🤷🏻‍♂️. #TippingPoint You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.

Fame for you