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You lot are obsessed with

You lot are obsessed with

Rkellygirl Birmingham, England
You lot are so obsessed with celebrities' personal lives. Cretins
artistiqwalrus narnia
All I associate with Kim Kardashian and prison was when she started taking selfies in the car instead of being conc…
suzanneewright Florida, USA
Similarly, I liked the Roseanne show but it did feature a grandson dressed as a girl. Illuminati pays celebrities t…
jipsy32 Minerva, Ohio
Why is it wrong to dehumanize blacks as apes but not wrong to dehumanize cops as pigs? THIS DOESN'T SEEM FAIR!
elaineh51 Anwick Lincolnshire UK
@Crofty You support Muslim grooming gangs then? celebrities get harassed when in court, Muslim gangs get no coverag…
OhLadyMania Sindh, Pakistan
#Meera's husband wants to get #actress sentenced for polyandry #Pakistaniactress #celebrities #lollywood
"..Things are changing; many young people now support Palestinians. Celebrities speak up for Palestinians (eg Judd…
HAJ_1952 Maine USA
@Robnda216 And then again maybe pigs will fly.
@MurkyWanders @realDonaldTrump He's not defending anything you tit. He is referring the never ending comments wher…
paraplaywright New Haven, CT
It bugs me when straight folk dismiss or ridicule curiosity about a celebrities sexuality. "Why do you need to know…
FreeMediaUS Wisconsin
So we're supposed to take liberal celebrities seriously when it comes to politics, but not Kim Kardashian. Got it!…
When Pigs Fly... Publix Will Not Pay Teen Tyrant David Hogg's Million Dollar Demand via…
@BuckSexton So? Whose fault is The View? Jimmy Kimmel? Comedienne's and celebrities who make threats against our president? Obama?
Celebrities Who Made Us Crave Short Hair -
angelwarrior67 United States
So many celebrities moving product or stepping into territories they have no nothing about and will never use or do…
drinkmoguada Newark, NJ
Celebrities probably talk to each other like “oh it’s my turn?”
@kikiphillip Stopped listening to new music for a while and only played old music and gospel songs. It became worse…

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