You support Donald Trump who

You support Donald Trump who calls women fat pigs ethnic populations rapists and murderers said he schlonged Clinton says he can assault women because hes a celebrity says he wants to date his own daughter because of her hot figureNow you call for decency

Artistlike Taxed without representation. @EliseStefanik You support Donald Trump, who calls women “fat pigs,” ethnic populations “rapists and murderers,” said he “schlonged” Clinton, says he can assault women because he’s a celebrity, says he wants to “date” his own daughter because of her “hot figure.” Now you call for decency? Lyme & health, entertainment, LGBT writer; artistlike, follower of the golden rule. Maybe I’m a witch lost in time.
HariSgapp Kerala, India 22 JUPITER RAHU YOGA MEY BE LIKE A BLACK CELEBRITY AMONGST PIGS. or say disciples are all criminals. Jupiter moon is guru gets fire power. If it's a game, I'll play it. I'll gladly support YouTube channels that are still starting up. Hopefully I'll have my own channel eventually
BantubanjaniM Africa @IndWorldThinker @AdvBMkhwebane The only way to be a celebrated celebrity jist be on their side and hope to be protected on your own personal sins and believe me we will forever forget about your pigs sins, these apartheids keepers own these people we call our leaders Active participant,never turned a blind eye,not the I don't care kind of human,no complainer,no demander,no hater or a blind critic and not a mental slave.
ethicalmartini la rive gauche du Yarra I was in the front lines in 1978, am I allowed to say Mardi Gras is now all celebrity froth and bubble? I fought for the right to party and some rich fucker, who wasn’t even born when the NSW pigs were bashing us, stole it. Nowthe pigs march. Artist, Communist, Author. Rebellion, not Extinction. Serenity, Courage, Wisdom. Passion, Patience, Reason. The future will not be silent. Precision and Decay.
myspeedlings Prince Harry and Meghan dealt new blow. What a pair of self important greedy pigs. He's royal. She's a no one other than a D-rate actress in a forgettable TV show. In all it's a sad situation. via @newscomauHQ
Samantha_J_Rea London, England I have my forearm likened to a pig’s leg and I don’t even mind because these are Spain’s CELEBRITY PIGS! #jamoniberico #heritagebreed #spanishspeciality Freelance journalist. 'The author doesn't mention the music but mentions herself in the first person 63 times' (London Jazz News).

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