Yuta is the most popular

Yuta is the most popular celebrity in Japan and bigger than nct in Japan cry about it if you dont like so it keep barking pathetic pigs

Zezo96804276 Yuta is the most popular celebrity in Japan and bigger than nct in Japan cry about it if you don't like so it keep barking pathetic pigs ai β™β˜•πŸ’ yuta website ✨ : whitecover:
MichaelDeNigri1 New Jersey, USA @ceotis42 @Iamblessedone Isn’t it sometbing how the media, Hollywood and some dumb ass unfunny talk show morons can make a pigs ass into a celebrity and all you so called intellects eat it up like ice cream! Does he give you a thrill up your leg too? Vet, Musician, Builder, Actor
Jwesterly4 @JimmyKimmelLive disgusting slobbering interview with Hunter Biden who is part of the depraved celebrity druggie pervert crowd no surprise because Jimmy you are the king of them. #celebritycircle #Hunterbidenlaptop #hollywoodfilth #JimmyKimmelIsAPervertToo #WhereIsMeToo #Pigs
MdAliRa68976626 @taslimanasreen Sitting between pigs with food in hand can get you a lot of attention from them. That doesn't make you a celebrity. We all know who likes your posts and why you are in India. People can also make a guess on who is paying you and whose bed you are sleeping on lol.
VikasVaghela999 Bharuch,Gujarat,India Celebrity Donald J.Trump Quoted to Me that:-All those Celebrities of Earth who play Mafias for fulfilling their Pig like Fantasies are Slutty Terrorists & Bhangi Pigs & Bhangi Sex beggars of me. Entrepreneur
aBoonOraBane Chinuk illahee If holding people to standards of not being racist, seeking celebrity status, or working with pigs or problematic people makes me "reactionary" or whatever the fuck people want to call me then so be it. The struggle will continue. I support those who stand up against violent bigots and bullies who hurt innocent people and those that promote MISOGYNY, fascism and genocide. #LandBack He\Him
naturallyaqua 23/Black/non-binary i’m starting to haaaaate celebrity couples 😭😭 like boo!! πŸ—£ distribute your wealth, you pigs! DJ or Dallas β€’ you cannot kill me in a way that matters β€’ (THEY/He/she) in that order!

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