agree in the sense being

agree in the sense being a pig means cheating but pretty sure it means famous celebrity hitting on titty model who she would probably fuck absentor even presentextenuating circumstances like cheatingagain married guyradfemincel teen alliance

GravePiano Cleveland, OH agree in the sense "being a pig" means cheating, but pretty sure it means "famous celebrity hitting on titty model (who she would probably fuck absent—or even present—extenuating circumstances like cheating)" again, married guy/radfem/incel teen alliance not interested in socially engineering you into agreeing with what I write
LJS527 USA @erika_ @barstoolstore I miss the old Barstool Sports that didn't regurgitate celebrity gossip drivel. The Barstool that didn't force-feed everyone podcasts hosted by people with nothing to say. I wish you guys put out less content, at a higher quality. "Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered." - @mcuban “He is a loathsome, offensive brute, and yet I can’t look away” Music is my thing (among other things)
GreatWordsmith The World @Limeylizzie Cropped is a great title for a cable TV show where celebrity and amateur barbers race around the set to create weird and original hair stylings on actual people willing to be guinea pigs for 15 minutes of fame. Ain't it hard when you discover that, he wasn't really where it's at, after he took from you everything he could steal? How does it feel?
kootsie51 Women like you who screw married men with children are just pigs. Nothing, nothing ever makes it ok. Here piggy! Married Adam Levine, 43, responds to claim he had a year-long affair with model Sumner Stroh, 23, plus more celeb cheating scandals of 2022
lynn3hives Middle Of England @YesterdaysBrit1 Okay..My grandmother cooked pigs trotters and my husband has eaten them many years ago. I haven't. All hail the slow cooker😃 I'm also a huge ox tail fan! Sadly, now very expensive because, so called celebrity chefs said it was good a fe years ago 🙄 Veg growing, all plant lover, and garden birder. Professionally trained gardener. Beekeeper for 10 years. Black cat lover and keeper. Proud to be British 🇬🇧
eternal12673114 @RantwithoutR Adith with the kind of experience he has could easily bag a job with any celebrity. Agencies would lift him up but his loyalty made him stick to Sana and Sana and Sana too could afford anyone but it's her love for his dear ones that made her hire him.these idiots are pigs.
AJAYNANAVARE1 Junaid Suhail Asraf ..all mohammedeen pigs involved in 2 Dalit minor girls rape & murder ..but bolliwood celebrity Ravish Kumar & his gang Owaisi & his muslim leaders Jay bhim Jay mim blue gang all Hindu haters are mum ...
AndyDahl6 In the middle of the alley @AskMikeC Oh no! How could a TV celebrity have a negative image? Another fabulous affirmation for NOT watching Commercial TV, for 2 decades now! Nothing but an excuse to remind a person of what unabated Capitalist Pursuit looks like. Vote all Fascist Pigs out Custodian of Mother Earth. Manmade Conflict must end now Anti Fascist Anti Racist; Prefer Nature and simplicity Kindness will prevail with Facts and Honesty
Attemptno16 @P_Wicks01 do you get the chance to kill any more pigs in celebrity SAS?

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