As it is raining cats (and

As it is raining cats (and never , my dog says!), my walk with Bilbo was the shortest ... to the neighbour's animals.
A wonderful experience: Two were cuddling asleep in the last dry corner. Suddenly one of them was visibly . It sniffed, and burrowed in its sleep. The movements were transferred to the other pig. When the dreaming pig ran in its sleep, the other pig ran with its buddy.
I know such dreaming from dogs but never saw pigs dreaming.

Celebrity Pigs

The number of pigs slaughtered between January and September 2023 fell by 10.0%

is: dreaming that i was chasing wild pigs away from the garden last night, & then today, hearing some suspicious pig-like-rustling & chasing those pigs away.

at first i was like "whoa a premonition dream!" but then i thought "maybe my subconscious just knows that pig-scaring is a part of life out here, so it put that into an everyday scenario "

as i was hollering & yelling, all i could think was: if one doesn't have a dog to do the hollering, one has to do it oneself!

The Smell of Money: inside the fight to take on unbelievable pig farm pollution

Another crooked police force- this one in Minneapolis.


Heres a memory I dont think Ive ever shared with anyone. When I was about three years old, I wandered down the hill to the barn where my dad was busy feeding our two young pigs. The bantam chickens clucked around me, scratching in the barnyard. I watched the pigs from a distance, then said, Honeycomb and Roast Beef. Dad looked up, smiled, and said, Good names for the pigs. I hadnt realized he could hear me. I was very pleased that he thought they were good pig names. I think this was the first time I ever got to name someone.

Taking some liberties with the prompt. A castle for the spirit

Schweinchen im Genuss

When I want to switch off quickly and get my world's priorities in order, I visit my neighbour's menagerie of goats, , emus, alpacas, chickens, geese, ducks, one last ram and miniature donkeys. The four pigs all answer to the name "Grunzele" when I call them. Grunzele is a term of endearment, like "tiny grunty". And there is hardly anything more cosy than a lying lazily in the sun. I could watch them for hours!

Went with the obvious reply to the prompt.

The supply of meat increased by 4% to 1.48 million tonnes in 2022

Fertilisers Price Index down by 45.0% in the year to August 2023

"And then I says to him, I says..."

For animal hour, more pig racing (with British commentator, LOL). Amazed it took me so long to run across this.

Dreamed a pig auditioned for American Idol and sang an old showtune called "I Love You Just a Little Bit." He was pretty good

Einige fragten mich heute nach dem groen Bild mit dem Flgelschwein von heute Nachmittag. Das ist lngst verkauft, aber ab und zu vermehre ich die Flgelschweinfamilie, auch wenn ich nur noch selten klassisch gerahmte Formate mache.
ABER: 1 Paar handgemalte winzige 12mm--Flgelschweinchen in rosegoldfarbenem Echtsilber sind noch da auf
FediArt MastoArt

...falls jemand heute ein wenig Schwein gebrauchen kann, ich hab da schon mal was vorbereitet.

More ... Pig racing! (with a British commentator, LOL)

Important local news

Sweet Pickles.

Lie lies
and porkie pies
Across the North
The Pink Pig Flies

The Evening Post, 6 Oct 1923:
That the spread of wild pigs is becoming a serious matter in the back country is amply borne out by a settler who resides in the North Taranaki district, about 12 miles from Aria. The farmer engaged two men with dogs to clear a 1500-acre block of land, which was over-run with pigs and in seven weeks accounted for 900 Some of the pigs grew to a tremendous size

Last week's and report surprised analysts, several of whom were calling for the smallest populations in six years. Instead: a slight year-over-year increase as a result of a record 11.61 pigs saved per litter rate this summer.

's hog population as of Sept. 1st was slightly higher 3.4 million, buoyed by a four-percent jump in the state's pig crop.

The Midland region had the largest growth rate in Agricultural Operating Surplus, up by 51% (+107m) to 317m in 2022

Pig appreciation post, on the little work break ride.

Maria Klass-Kazanowska, 'Wild pigs in the forest' (1897)


Today I started in the miniatures workshop,
And installed handles to the tiny tool boxes.
Then we went out to The Trafford Centre,
Bought books and clips.
Then went down to Chorlton,
And bought more books,
And had lunch.
Back in the miniatures workshop,
And painted the tool boxes.
Did caretaking,
And some admin.
Checked on Parents,
Dad has been in bed all day.
Checked again after dinner,
Dad thinks it is morning and time to go shopping!
Chatted a lot on Mastodon,
And updated some hash tags.
Watched a bit of YouTube,
But tired now.

Animals on heads, levitating dog, happy pig wants belly rubs, twerking elephant shrews, and more.

Rescued Pigs Killed By Authorities At Italian Sanctuary

Some pig

It's mind-boggling how many animals get slaughtered for human meat consumption every single day.

From the Pew Research Center-

Area under cereals down 5.8% in the 12 months to June 2023

characteristics of the first with the G4 eurasian avian-like swine virus in Province, , Chi J Prev Med.:

The number of pigs slaughtered between January and August 2023 fell by 9.7%

When Will you Die?