Esther the Wonder Pig captured hearts

Esther the Wonder Pig captured hearts worldwide! At the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, she lived her best life, snuggling with her dads, wearing silly wigs, and changing perceptions about farm animals.

Cute Dancing Cartoon Pigs Jumbo Mug by Cheerful Madness!! At Zazzle.

Please share far and wide. One of my ambitions is to depict the whole of the animal kingdom in a kawaii, cartoon style so more animals and characters can already be found in my shop. Thank you so much

Mexican Officials Penalize 26 Industrial Pig Operations in Yucatn Peninsula for Violating Environmental Laws

Birds and their dances, elephants have names, museum cat, friendly piglet, and more.

Wir sen, sie ernten.

Die groe Frage im Schweineland lautet grade: wer soll das alles essen Dieses ganze frische Grn

Wir sind uns sehr sicher, sie schaffen es - und haben wieder einen wundervollen, grnen Sommer, wo die Tage daraus bestehen, sich die besten grnen leckeren Sachen einzuverleiben. Im nchsten Frhling machen wir dann wieder alles grn, sie ernten... der Lohn fr die Mhe sind glcklich grasende Schweine.

Tell OHSU to Stop Using Live Pigs for OB/GYN Surgery Practice

Domestic Milk Intake down 81 million litres in April 2024 when compared with April 2023

Oh my goodness!
So cute!

I almost wanna buy some cotton candy!

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are sensitive intelligent creatures. They are actually more intelligent than the average dog and a four-year-old child yet we treat them like a commodity and compare them to assholes. They are very loyal and caring and they don't attack humans ever. Not even when they're being mistreated. tRump is NOTHING LIKE A PIG!

Oh also cops are nothing like pigs either

Thinking of going on a / , but not sure how to suddenly stop eating meat Try cutting out a few things, and working your way up!

is the least healthy, highest food you can eat, hands down, and are the most intelligent animal humans regularly eat. If you cut it out of your diet, you are halfway to being vegetarian in terms of health, pollution, and concerns.

, the other most-polluting food, is easy to quit, because it's semi-rare and places usually offer and alternatives.

is next on the list, somewhere between pork and chicken.

This puts you down to and , relatively low-impact high-nutrition foods.

You don't even have to fully commit: just cutting back is good!

This is called being , and it can have almost as strong an effect on and as / , especially since it's far easier to just eat less meat than stop entirely.

Take Action: Big pork is bludgeoning piglets to death Slamming piglets into a concrete floor sounds too horrific to be true, let alone legal. And yet, piglet thumping happens regularly on factory farms.

Yes, it's a lot about the money & control over the supply.

I recently watched the , the of has even become more brutal than before.

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Piglets decided the lower hinge on their stall needed fixing, and then they decided the shed floor needed to be graded.

Fortunately they're well behaved and went right back in when I found them busily digging away.

And they seem not to have interrupted any of our customers picking up their produce for the holiday, which is nice.


Goat yoga is so out. All the cool practitioners are doing piglet yoga nowadays

It was good to be doing some LIVE drawing with Julin Nario again! I started with a warmup of some nicely dressed pigs!

African swine fever: significant increase in EU pigs in 2023

Europes biggest producer admits to misleading people with claims that its is more climate-friendly. & have high , but pork production is -damaging, too (e.g. feeding with soy = deforestation):

: Bridge 110, Minerva Road Bridge
: track bridge
: Photo by vladimir-morozov-akxmedia on Flickr

Today the CSO published the new Agricultural Price Indices for March 2024.

Agricultural Input Price Index down 15.3% in the 12 months to March 2024

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I used up all my cats pics mid-week, so here's a couple of pigs for you!

are highly susceptible to but do not transmit -derived highly pathogenic avian virus clade, Emerg Microbes Infect.:

It is concluded that pigs are highly susceptible to infection with the mink-derived clade H5N1 HPAIV and provide a favorable environment for HPAIV to acquire mammalian-like adaptations.

Dennys faces mounting pressure to eliminate crates for pigs, Reuters reports

Ob konservativ oder mit lauter im Leib - ich hab schon viel zu lange keine Schweinereien mehr gehabt.
Das will ich doch gleich mal ndern.
, freie Arbeiten, kommen gleich in fertig in den Shop.

Also I learned that you can have and as . One picture showed a dressed up horse with shoes and I'm curious if this is a thing for owners of such animals

Search for "horse service animal" and you'll find a horse in a plane completely dressed up, which I find odd. Is this for better visibility, or personal preference

Monastic Chronicle: paying in pigs

Because if you're raising pigs, and the monastery needs foodstuffs, why translate through monetary units Just deliver the pig!

I'm sure this is a "well duh" for many of my colleagues, but it is my own special moment of "aha" for the day for me!

A new meaning for the term "piggybank"

I'll see myself out...

And because this isn't my normal "thing" (I'm a musicologist, talk to me about neumes and I'm fine!), I was remarkably slow to realize that about a third of the folks were paying their bills in "tusks" -- "hauern" -- that is, with pigs.

human animals: working sooo hard all weekend to help move the animal sanctuary to its new location

non-human animals:

i wouldnt have it any other way

give US cops time they eventualy will figure that out.

-- June 2021 --
I don't ask a lot of questions, i just take the shot.

Over 59,000 acres of agricultural land were sold nationally in 2022 for a median price of 8,094 per acre

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