Exposed Again: Abused, Injured, & Rotting

Exposed Again: Abused, Injured, & Rotting Pigs at Excelsior Hog Farm

Picturing Pigs: Billboards Challenge Perceptions in Pig Farming State

It's not surprising at all but it's exhausting dealing with people who cannot get past the child mentality that police are all good. I (on another platform I won't name as it's much closer to my real life) supported a man who was unlawfully arrested, with unquestionable proof shown on the officers own bodycams, and have gotten hate from people refusing to even watch the video or look up the incident. Including saying I'm trying to turn people against all police.

For the record, I'm big on ACAB, but I never said such a thing on that site cause I know it'd be pointless, pick your battles. All I said was these two officers broke the law they're meant to uphold and abused a man, as shown by their own fucking footage. And that was worth multiple people going after me. Police are people and sometimes people do things wrong. Something that should be a profoundly simple concept to grasp.

I know people are like this, they're naive and brainwashed about the police being truly fundamentally good, but it's always disappointing to see. They can't even change their minds about two specific cops, when presented with hard evidence.

#acab #cops #police #pigs #all-cops-are-bastardsTiere wie das Hngebauchschwein Rocky im Erlebnisbauernhof Gertrudenhof in Hrth-Hermlheim (bei Kln) bekommen hier das Gnadenbrot.
(Mrz 2016)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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The number of pigs slaughtered between January and October 2023 fell by 9.3%

sorry to say but you have worse to eradicate there, like ones.

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Prairie super pigs a major problem for and the

Ryan Brook, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan and one of Canada's leading authorities on the problem, calls feral swine, "the most invasive animal on the planet" and "an ecological train wreck." 

"Super pigs" called the "most invasive animal on the planet" threaten to invade northern U.S.

In Texas, its legal to hunt the hogs from hot air balloons.

FDA moves to pull common drug used by pork industry, citing human cancer risk

A population of hard-to-eradicate super in is threatening to invade the

Raunchy Rubber
13 x 19 art prints

A trio of go at it.

From the camera.


How Revived Organs, and What the Feat Means for

A whole-body perfusion system restored cellular activity in an hour

Last week, I made joking plans with someone to visit a Mini Pig Cafe in Kamakura, Japan. It has a nice storefront on google maps.

Today another friend told me she is traveling this week to...KAMAKURA JAPAN.

There are no coincidences.


SharonCummingsArtmastodon.social - If pigs wrote haiku:

oink oink oink oink oink
oink oink oink oink oink oink oink
oink oink oink oink oink


Why Germans Love Currywurst So Much Food Secrets Ep. 5 DW Food

Why was there a shortage of pig intestines in East Germany What were they doing with the intestines that came with the pig that made the sausage Or was this just a failure of a command economy

If pigs wrote haiku:

oink oink oink oink oink
oink oink oink oink oink oink oink
oink oink oink oink oink


Milk Price Index down 37.4% in the year to September 2023

A holy cross floating in and out of this world Three moons orbiting the sky A United Airlines 747 Jet flying freely upside down This can't possibly happen in real life! But it can, this and much more happens "When Pigs Fly"!

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BREAKING NEWS: Portland Police do their fucking job for a change!

News at 11!

They pulled over 20 cars and made 8 arrests. Imagine if they just did that all the time instead of staking out church parking lots and harassing homeless people

There are cars driving all over Portland with no tags. What are they doing lulling them into a false sense of security!

Hier on tait log-es dans une ferme pdagogique, bien que le projet n'aie pas de lien avec la ferme ou les animaux. Notre voisin (en libert dans la cour du logement avec d'autres animaux) tait Chonchon, un cochon nain au poil noir, bien gras.

This is a fun and thought-provoking (in a humorous way) thread started off by

Worth reading if you're looking for something a bit frivolous.

The MOD Is Killing Animals in Horrific Training Exercises

Domestic Milk Intake down 15.2 million litres in September 2023

Preliminary Estimates indicate a decrease of 8.0% in the Agricultural Output Price Index for 2023

we have wild , here in northern . They are stealthy, fierce, have thick, coarse, black hair, tusks, will kill you, chase you, play tricks on you, and are so successful that the state and its agencies are locked in a struggle with them over proliferation. They are the descendants of domestic pigs introduced by 18th century Spanish settlers. In 300 years they've transformed from pink and tractable to fierce and dominant.

# ## (Instagram 29.05.2020)

I came up with this little game as a way to include you, my non-local friends, in the Truth & Generosity book launch celebration. The rules below may look long and complicated, but its really very simple: Hunt for pigs to win trufflesthe chocolate kind.

One winner will receive:

Two runners-up will receive a paperback copy of Truth & Generosity!

Narration of the opening of Truth & Generosity: How Truth Makes Language Possible

How to Play:

1. Watch the 3-min. book trailer. Every time you see a pig, pause the video and mark the time in the movie. (For instance, 0:51. No, this is not a clue.) Each pig you find counts as one entry. Dont worry about marking the very second the image first appears youve got some leeway. What matters is that when you pause the movie at the time you mark, the pig is on the screen.

Must be images of pigs. Representations/imitations of pigs and barely visible pigs do count. However, the word pigwritten or spokendoes not count.

One little piggy is very hard to find. I might give clues later if it looks like no one is getting it, at which point youll be able to add entries if youve already submitted.

2. Share the news about Truth & Generosity on your blog or on social media to DOUBLE YOUR NUMBER OF ENTRIES. For instance, lets say you find three pigs in the video and hit the reblog button to share this post, then you will get a total of six entries. Or you can keep the giveaway a secret and simply share the video and ebook info (ebook and paperback available November 10th!) if youre worried about decreasing your chances of winningyou greedy pig.


3. Send your answers to: tforseegmail.com. Include your full name and your mailing address. If you shared info about the book or contest, include those links.

Contest Rules:

Contest ends sometime on November 9th. Winner will be notified November 10th. Sometime after I walk Geordie and get coffee.

Winners will be drawn at random, probably out of a hat (because I like doing things the old-fashioned way and Im not wasting hours of my time to learn about plug-ins).

If you live outside the U.S., youll get a $50 Amazon electronic gift card and an ebook of Truth and Generosity (when it goes live) instead. Sorry youll miss out on Monsoon Chocolate, but its hard to see how delicate chocolate will survive the travel to faraway places.

It should go without saying, but you must share your email and mailing address with me, otherwise how will I send you your prize Your email and mailing address will not be used for any purpose other than to send you your gift should you win. I will not share your email or mailing address with anyone. Promise.

Help me promote this book! Just hit the reblog button, cut and paste the info below, and/or share

Human beings do not live in the objective world alonebut are very much at the mercy of the particular language which has become the medium of expression for their society. The worlds in which different societies live are distinct worlds, not merely the same world with different labels attached. Edward Sapir, The Status of Linguistics as a Science.

Are we really at the mercy of the particular language we grew up speaking Far from it. Language may shape the way we think about the world to some small extent, but not so much that we can be said to live in distinct worlds. The very fact that we can communicate with each other and translate other languages into our own means there must be a vast body of belief we all sharea body of belief which, taken on the whole, must be true.

To put it in a snappier way: Truth is the condition that makes language possible.

Whats up with pigs and truffles

In places like France, for truffles, a highly-sought-after mushroom. Truffle fries are fantastic, but not as good as chocolate! (IMHO)

Questions Feel free to ask in the comments section below. In other words, please let me know if Ive left anything out.

#contest #Giveaway #language #monsoonChocolate #Philosophy #pigs #truffles #truth #video

I love my bacon but I also know that #pigs are super cute and will eat anything (well, almost). Enjoy a pig looking forward to his treat of an #Indian paan - Betel nut and leaves.

#Nature #Animals

Go inside an enclosure at the Fota Park in , where the Brazilian tapirs are enjoying some extra care from their rangers. These living may look like large with long-ish noses, but theyre actually more closely related to , , and .

Learn more:

As it is raining cats (and never , my dog says!), my walk with Bilbo was the shortest ... to the neighbour's animals.
A wonderful experience: Two were cuddling asleep in the last dry corner. Suddenly one of them was visibly . It sniffed, and burrowed in its sleep. The movements were transferred to the other pig. When the dreaming pig ran in its sleep, the other pig ran with its buddy.
I know such dreaming from dogs but never saw pigs dreaming.

The number of pigs slaughtered between January and September 2023 fell by 10.0%

is: dreaming that i was chasing wild pigs away from the garden last night, & then today, hearing some suspicious pig-like-rustling & chasing those pigs away.

at first i was like "whoa a premonition dream!" but then i thought "maybe my subconscious just knows that pig-scaring is a part of life out here, so it put that into an everyday scenario "

as i was hollering & yelling, all i could think was: if one doesn't have a dog to do the hollering, one has to do it oneself!

The Smell of Money: inside the fight to take on unbelievable pig farm pollution

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