human animals: working sooo hard all

human animals: working sooo hard all weekend to help move the animal sanctuary to its new location

non-human animals:

i wouldnt have it any other way

give US cops time they eventualy will figure that out.

-- June 2021 --
I don't ask a lot of questions, i just take the shot.

Aesop Rock - Pigs (SandAmonK remix)

Bougie this and Bougie that...
War pig or pussy cat...


Over 59,000 acres of agricultural land were sold nationally in 2022 for a median price of 8,094 per acre

Almost finished. These two pigs are Hein and Pia who are living a good life at farmed animal sanctuaty landdertiere .
This work also will be on display in the group show "Erdung" cubuskunsthalle in Duisburg. Opening on 5 May 2024!

who me ive never dug a hole in my life!

its absolutely critical that little piggies dig big holes with their snouts

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"If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time, no matter how much sausage he served on the side ed." Orson Scott Card

Everyone wants roast pigs head ... UK chefs put offal centre stage with confrontational dishes

Major Pork Producer Admits To Breaking Marketing Law With Climate Controlled Label

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Share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption: Renewable energy sources in electricity in PIGS countries


lien #choupi #pigs #art

and Characterization of A Virus Endemic in Suckling and Nursery Originating from Vaccinated in the Same Production System. Viruses:

These data demonstrate the low frequency of IAV detection in suckling piglets and downstream nurseries from farms with endemic infections in spite of using farm-specific IAV vaccines in sows.

What's that You haven't had your dose of pig racing today

Every time you blame cows for climate change, an oil executive laughs

Agricultural Input Price Index down 15.1% in February 2024

UK's governmental petitions (1/8):

Introduce bans to stop consumption of rabbit meat by humans and pets

Ban the importation and selling of Foie Gras in the UK

Ban the culling of male chicks

Make factory farms illegal

Ban pork from being served in schools

Outlaw the trade of 'live food' in pet stores in the UK

Ban the captivity of dolphins, whales, and porpoises in England

Allow vegans to opt-out of paying taxes that subsidise animal agriculture

In a preview of our new book, we meet some of humankinds earliest muses.

Work in progress

You And Me (Cute Cartoon Pigs) Trucker Hat by Cheerful Madness!! at Zazzle

A Litter Bestiary: pig.

Het vijfde meest intelligente dier, nog slimmer dan een hond, het leven gereduceerd tot.... een object, een niks, een kotelet.
Het leven bruut ontnomen, afgemaakt als kleuter. De mensheid heeft nog een hele weg af te leggen om eindelijk eens te zien dat onze mede zoogdieren ook lijden, voelen, treuren, willen leven.

Another work in progress:
Hein und Pia from
The finished wok will be on display soon at the group show "Erdung" at Cubus Kunsthalle Duisburg.

10) Man Gave Names to All the - Bob Dylan
11) , Monster und - Element of Crime
11) - Thees Ullmann
12) Farm - The Kinks
13) On The Wing, Pt. 1 - Pink Floyd
14) Shake - Fleetwood Mac

Und hier schon der Termin-Tipp fr die nchste -Sendung von und mit Wolfgang :
Di., 7. Mai 2024
21:05 Uhr

Pigs and hens suffer in cages for Aldi

This UK Factory Farm Leaves Starving Pigs to Cannibalize Each Other Alive Sign the petition to demand UK authorities shut down this horrendous farm!

Famous groundhog has babies, road trip with a piglet, crazy bearded dragon, famous groundhog has babies, and more.

The number of cattle slaughtered between January and February 2024 rose by 6.8%

Sheep numbers down by 4.9% in June 2023

Einfach nackt in die Sonne hauen, was Ses trumen und keine Sorgen haben mssen.

Knut kann es. Weil er seit seiner Flucht von dem Tiertransporter, der ihn in eine Mastanlage bringen sollte, kein Nutztier mehr ist. Kein Mastschwein, sondern Knut. Der einfach lebt, fr sich selbst, nicht fr menschliche Zwecke.

Wovon Schweine wohl trumen

On an island nestled in the , a lively group of wild pigs has made the sandy beaches their home. These particular enjoy daily swims in the regions crystal-clear waters. So why not send a swimming Spy Pig into their midst to learn more about their lives

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Seeing them happy makes me happy. They are some of the lucky ones.

Please consider donating to Little Bear Sanctuary to make sure more animals can live the safe and happy lives they deserve.

This little piggy had a littler piggy.

Vegans did something sneaky to meat packets at Tesco...

Joey Carbstrong does a little supermarket praxis.

10 things you need to know about pig farming

Undercover Footage Reveals Disturbing Conditions at Devon Pig Farm

Undercover Investigation into Victorian Piggery Captures Animal Cruelty and Bestiality

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