I am a baby, not your

I am a baby, not your food

The number of pigs slaughtered between January and November 2023 fell by 8.9%

This looks like a vital new : about the horrors Smithfield Foods (a pig farming giant) is imposing on on Black North Carolinians - correlating directly to geographies of

includes animal agribusiness

As of today, pet stores here can no longer sell dogs, cats, rabbits or pot-bellied pigs. Excellent move toward removing the market for puppy mills.

I hate seeing the K9 cop units or whatever at Howard. Like. I don't even like dogs that much, but involving dogs in your corrupt and systemically broken violence is just gross. It makes me sad, angry, and depressed to see dogs with steel muzzles at my public transit station.

New Expos of Pigs Abuse at Excelsior Hog Farm in BC, Canada

Celebrity Pigs

Trump's full on reading of 'Mein Kampf' is a big hit with New Hampshire Republicans. They love that racial purity shit, they just will never admit to it in public.

How refreshing for them, they have an giant orange blowhard screeching it at campaign rallies.

Work in progress

The pop-up ads after I booked a flight are pointed!


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New research is revealing surprising complexity in the of , , and other

Ja z kumplem, kiedy wyrwalimy fajne winie na klubach za modu i wracamy z nimi na kanciap

Milk Price Index down just over 38% in the year to October 2023

I loved it too. Went to see in in our local cinema when it came out - just because

Agricultural Operating Surplus estimated to decrease by 32% to 3.2bn in 2023 as Milk and Cereal values fall sharply

Domestic Milk Intake down 87 million litres in October 2023

Experimental infection of and with pre-pandemic, -adapted, and -adapted of the A virus reveals significant differences in viral dynamics and pathological manifestations

Exposed Again: Abused, Injured, & Rotting Pigs at Excelsior Hog Farm

Picturing Pigs: Billboards Challenge Perceptions in Pig Farming State

It's not surprising at all but it's exhausting dealing with people who cannot get past the child mentality that police are all good. I (on another platform I won't name as it's much closer to my real life) supported a man who was unlawfully arrested, with unquestionable proof shown on the officers own bodycams, and have gotten hate from people refusing to even watch the video or look up the incident. Including saying I'm trying to turn people against all police.

For the record, I'm big on ACAB, but I never said such a thing on that site cause I know it'd be pointless, pick your battles. All I said was these two officers broke the law they're meant to uphold and abused a man, as shown by their own fucking footage. And that was worth multiple people going after me. Police are people and sometimes people do things wrong. Something that should be a profoundly simple concept to grasp.

I know people are like this, they're naive and brainwashed about the police being truly fundamentally good, but it's always disappointing to see. They can't even change their minds about two specific cops, when presented with hard evidence.

#acab #cops #police #pigs #all-cops-are-bastardsTiere wie das Hngebauchschwein Rocky im Erlebnisbauernhof Gertrudenhof in Hrth-Hermlheim (bei Kln) bekommen hier das Gnadenbrot.
(Mrz 2016)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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The number of pigs slaughtered between January and October 2023 fell by 9.3%

sorry to say but you have worse to eradicate there, like ones.

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Prairie super pigs a major problem for and the

Ryan Brook, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan and one of Canada's leading authorities on the problem, calls feral swine, "the most invasive animal on the planet" and "an ecological train wreck." 

"Super pigs" called the "most invasive animal on the planet" threaten to invade northern U.S.

In Texas, its legal to hunt the hogs from hot air balloons.

FDA moves to pull common drug used by pork industry, citing human cancer risk

A population of hard-to-eradicate super in is threatening to invade the

Raunchy Rubber
13 x 19 art prints

A trio of go at it.

From the camera.

How Revived Organs, and What the Feat Means for

A whole-body perfusion system restored cellular activity in an hour

Last week, I made joking plans with someone to visit a Mini Pig Cafe in Kamakura, Japan. It has a nice storefront on google maps.

Today another friend told me she is traveling this week to...KAMAKURA JAPAN.

There are no coincidences.

Why Germans Love Currywurst So Much Food Secrets Ep. 5 DW Food

Why was there a shortage of pig intestines in East Germany What were they doing with the intestines that came with the pig that made the sausage Or was this just a failure of a command economy