sharp squeals of delightrooting up flowers

sharp squeals of delight
rooting up flowers and ferns
a tribute to pigs!

*We had a pet pig growing up named Ellie May. Oh how she enjoyed destroying a garden...lol



"Why did the pig bring a towel to the mud pit
Because he didn't want to be a ""mud-dy"" mess!

"Why did the pig bring a towel to the mud pit
Because he didn't want to be a ""mud-dy"" mess!

Photos: Japan's pig caf in Harajuku offers chance to dine with swine.First, there were cat cafs, otter cafs and even bunny cafs. And now, pig cafs have Japan buzzing.

The Mipig Caf in Harajuku is one of the spots where tourists and locals can pay to cuddle and pet one of these mini piggies

I'm guessing once they are no longer cute piglets they are no longer in the caf as guests, but as a menu item....

Piglet meets kitten, sleepy viscacha, last dog adopted, woman rescues hawk, and more.

I LOVE piggies...and this week made a pattern that I am using to put leaping pigs onto my pots :)


Spanish pig farm owners face criminal trial for animal cruelty

But okay, there was a at the parking in , and another by a woman suspect in county and a car chase in .

The police was talking about the chase which ended in the ramming into the car. The subtle thing is that he goes..."it got to the point where I needed to use deadly force". Nah I don't think so. Fucking think they own us like cattle that they can shoot if misbehaving. So if I just don't run really fast I get to

Court Guinness Update: January 2024 , , , , , ,

Spanish pig farm owners face criminal trial for animal cruelty

"Record $1.1 Billion Cocaine Stash Found By Army in Ecuador"

"The Ecuadorian military found $1.1 billion of cocaine in a pig farm in what they say is a big win against global organised crime."

The number of pigs slaughtered in 2023 fell by 8.9%

Rancho de la Libertad is most definitely going to be adding some goats to the land in the next year or so, but are also considering pigs (for food self-sufficiency, not land restoration, although their manure is compost, too!).

So, (if there is such a thing), tell me your experience raising pigs! We'd love to hear from some real human beings what they liked or hated about raising them and if it was worth it!

Guinea pigs without hair look like baby hippos.

Holy shit! Fuck these !

People really need to listen to the Alphabet Boys podcast (). They go into these entrapment schemes which aren't meant to keep people safe - but to create relevance, perpetuate fear of "others," and generate funding for the bloated federal police state:

Undercover FBI Agents Helped Autistic Teen Plan Trip to Join ISIS

Wild super pigs from Canada are a growing threat to crops, wildlife and pets in the U.S. These 500-pound cranky eating machines are causing economic losses of millions of dollars as they spread Southward.

Could somebody turn on the water in this hot tub

Doln Uhry a Horn Uhry.

Milk Price Index down 36.8% in the year to November 2023

Almost finished

Tell FINN Partners to drop Dennys FINN Partners is a public relations agency working with Dennys, a restaurant chain involved in a nationwide animal cruelty scandal.

(Deadline: friday 12 January)

Inquiry Into Pig Welfare in Victoria Make Your Voice Heard

Domestic Milk Intake down almost 20% in November 2023

Reactionary, pig-loving, Troy, NY dirtbag mayor Cruella Mantello destroyed unhoused peoples' tent encampment, steals, and destroys their personal possessions!

Let these capitalist filth know they need to stop coddling landlords, provide social services, & stop using pigs to obliterate evidence of their continued injustices:

Troy cleared tents and other materials near Prospect Park

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Look into the eyes of pigs moments before their lives are taken. How can you still eat them

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Back on campus today and observed these notices in the . There's something about and outer which is so alluring. The Pigs in Space! The mobile game, 'Space Pig '! I'm pretty sure Peppa Pig has a space adventure too. Plus, 90s progressive glam-space-rock group, -- they had this nice tune:

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Spent the day with all of my farm friends! The weather is cooler and Covid is gone. The barn called my name and I answered. :)


How can someone look into her eyes and say "bacon tho"
She deserved so much better
givemeyourvoice thesavemovement

Its ! Bacon is just one of the pig-related words whose etymology I explored in this short video:

New Film Explores The Human Impact Of North Carolina Pig Farms

10 Pigs Rescued From Animal Testing Lab

Der Eber ist verstimmt
weil seine Kinder Ferkel sind
nicht nur die Frau, die Sau, alleine
nein, auch die Verwandtschaft - alles Schweine

The boar is upset
because his children are piglets
not only the wife, the sow
no, also the relatives - are only pigs

After much research, it appears the Walmart down in Tunkhannock, PA carries scrapple! Been looking for years, since moving here in 2016. Will investigate further after Christmas.

What is scrapple, "the other gray meat" Every part of a pig you don't want to think about, ground up with corn meal and spices. Then fried crispy, and served with maple syrup. Yum!

Pass...We need to learn the benefits of fasting rather than pushing to always maintain levels of 'fullness' in the body.

"Vibrating pill may give dieters a feeling of fullness, study suggests"

"Research carried out on pigs showed they ate almost 40% less food after ingesting the capsule"

Here's looking at you, kid

Canadian Fabric Wanted Notice Board