some random bottom celebrity being

some random ass celebrity being like I LOVE MY STINKY BOY PIGS NFT they are the future

skyestuff @hothomelessdad some random ass celebrity being like “I LOVE MY STINKY BOY PIGS NFT they are the future!!!” hi i usually shitpost about anime and games. (they/she) art twitter: @skyework ✨banner by @zooexorcistart pfp by @gomooink ✨

pigs_tweet Croydon, London When one of your ambassadors is Celebrity Chef @levirootsmusic 🤌🏾 Levi used fresh produce harvested from our #GreenProject garden to whip up the tastiest of treats for our summer BBQ 🔥🤤 Stay tuned for more pics from the event 📸 Highly Commended 2021 Croydon Business Awards. We are a non profit organisation in Croydon. We teach children about health, wellbeing and fitness!

shirleyanng UK @BBCCountryfile publicising already privileged children at private school in their garden, welcoming the pigs to their own barn to fatten up for cooking in their lovely kitchen with celebrity chef 🙄. What about the local comp where kids are shipping meals because of ££? Balance? I am royally woke. Dame FBPE. Social justice. #GTTO. *Never effing ever* vote tory🕷 🇬🇧🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

LHCBMatt Free State of Enon Holler, MS In case you ever doubt just why grinding the wealthy into mulch for roses is probably the best thing we can do to come back to Jesus, read the thread she's talking about. It's also why most "celebrity journalists" should be fed to starving pigs. Peace, love, and harmonicas. "Good old boy gone weird." You can look all this up, you know. Don't be mean.

AretMazmanyan Texas, USA @boxerguy90 @CriticalOverlo3 @wolfmansnards Because the franchise is being handled by misogynistic pigs who can't afford an A-list celebrity like Campbell. The interview with Curtis and Campbell from 2020 was eye-opening. The mental gymnastics people come up with to defend the studios are fucking abhorrent. #SidneyisScream I wish I was in his arms tonight. 😢

Chris11653639 @MyBestFiendz @JLClayton5 Saw them with the Addicts at the Celebrity Theater, '88. Their set was cut short, though. Riot pigs showed up. Husband, island lover, animal lover, cinephile, audiophile.

TJAdolph1 Copiague, NY @BlackAlphaNetw1 NOT ALL AFRICANS,HISPANICS POLITICIANS ARE FOR POOR Communities especially supporters of TERRORISTS ALL Jews,LBGTQ,Organized Crime Pigs,Hollywood,Fake News Media for financial Sharpton was incarcerated at MDC BKLYN treated like Celebrity. Conservative Republican,DEVILS TERRORISTS ALL JEWS Israel,LBGTQ, Organized Crime,Indian Seeks,Asians Buddha belong in OVENS,GAS CHAMBERS,FUEL FOR HELL FIRE.

HypnoToad8D Los Angeles I think there’s a reason I’m not an influencer or a celebrity with a platform I see so many people saying shit like “make sure you vote✌🏽❤️” I’d be like “they’re all a bunch a fucken PIGS! Even the “good” ones overthrow the government and start again✌🏽❤️”

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