Sweet Pickles.

Sweet Pickles.

Lie lies
and porkie pies
Across the North
The Pink Pig Flies

The Evening Post, 6 Oct 1923:
That the spread of wild pigs is becoming a serious matter in the back country is amply borne out by a settler who resides in the North Taranaki district, about 12 miles from Aria. The farmer engaged two men with dogs to clear a 1500-acre block of land, which was over-run with pigs and in seven weeks accounted for 900 Some of the pigs grew to a tremendous size

Last week's and report surprised analysts, several of whom were calling for the smallest populations in six years. Instead: a slight year-over-year increase as a result of a record 11.61 pigs saved per litter rate this summer.

's hog population as of Sept. 1st was slightly higher 3.4 million, buoyed by a four-percent jump in the state's pig crop.

The Midland region had the largest growth rate in Agricultural Operating Surplus, up by 51% (+107m) to 317m in 2022


Pig appreciation post, on the little work break ride.

Plastic Frog says he is so tired of being pushed more products to pay for when you're already paying to use the existing products as is. But he is grateful for open source alternatives.

Maria Klass-Kazanowska, 'Wild pigs in the forest' (1897)


Today I started in the miniatures workshop,
And installed handles to the tiny tool boxes.
Then we went out to The Trafford Centre,
Bought books and clips.
Then went down to Chorlton,
And bought more books,
And had lunch.
Back in the miniatures workshop,
And painted the tool boxes.
Did caretaking,
And some admin.
Checked on Parents,
Dad has been in bed all day.
Checked again after dinner,
Dad thinks it is morning and time to go shopping!
Chatted a lot on Mastodon,
And updated some hash tags.
Watched a bit of YouTube,
But tired now.

Animals on heads, levitating dog, happy pig wants belly rubs, twerking elephant shrews, and more.

Rescued Pigs Killed By Authorities At Italian Sanctuary

Some pig

It's mind-boggling how many animals get slaughtered for human meat consumption every single day.

From the Pew Research Center-

Area under cereals down 5.8% in the 12 months to June 2023

characteristics of the first with the G4 eurasian avian-like swine virus in Province, , Chi J Prev Med.:

The number of pigs slaughtered between January and August 2023 fell by 9.7%

Italy culls tens of thousands of pigs to contain African swine fever

culls tens of thousands of to contain African swine fever The Guardian

Actually, .

This is a Red Wattle Hog in a pen with a couple of Hampshires (I think).
Red Wattles (notice those fleshy appendages on its neck That is a breed characteristic. They have no known use) are a heritage breed.

Pig was at Common Ground Country Fair, in Unity Maine.

In Bombingham, the police are still at it.

just for the sake of

"He was always thinking about his future."

People would prefer work differently than it works maybe when fly

Pigs fly direct.

Did you know that are the world's largest That's right, they're basically giant, marshmallow-shaped , weighing in at up to 150 pounds!

100+ Spy vids ans more

Outdoor Ass-to-Mouth Orgy: Men being men, rutting with strangers in the woods like animals (Part 2 of 2)

Outdoor Ass-to-Mouth Orgy: Men being men, rutting with strangers in the woods like animals (Part 1 of 2)

A Seattle cop's outlook on a human life.
Eleven thousand dollars. She was 26 anyway, Auderer said, inaccurately stating Kandulas age. She had limited value.

A () virus - the , D.O.N.,

Dog in nursing home, swimming cat, runaway pig rescued, wombat tongue, and more.

Took my partner for a birthday-part-two visit to Pigs In the Wood sanctuary. Pigs! And goats! And some chickens (not pictured ). Had such a good time, it's a brilliant place and deserving of more support.

"This is Johnny, love of my life. And this is June, who's also here" XD
(testing a new farming channel, I don't know much about the farm yet but this looks like the perfect introduction video)

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