Vegans did something sneaky to meat

Vegans did something sneaky to meat packets at Tesco...

Joey Carbstrong does a little supermarket praxis.

10 things you need to know about pig farming

Undercover Footage Reveals Disturbing Conditions at Devon Pig Farm

Undercover Investigation into Victorian Piggery Captures Animal Cruelty and Bestiality

: Europe's largest producer misled customers saying pigs were -controlled. Denmark kills tens of millions of per year & exports most of the meat. , pork & have far higher emissions than foods:

Today I had a little lie in,
Then joined Sue at work.
Had a phone call from the hospital physio,
That became quite stressful.
Came back to check on Mum,
To make sure she is OK without Dad.
Finally installed my new house key,
Onto my 'Swiss Army Knife' keyfold.
So exhausted today,
And completely devoid of spoons.
Still had to do caretaking,
And cleaned the Meeting House.
Trying to chill with online jigsaws,
But nothing left in the tank.
Off to bed instead,

Pig in the house, tom cat moves in, bad wildlife photos, and piggy back ride.

Calls for legal action after unimaginable suffering filmed at Devon pig farm



Agricultural Input Price Index down 15.9% in January 2024

Agricultural Operating Surplus fell by 36% to 3.0 billion in 2023

Hier haben sich mal zwei Minischweine, ein Groschwein und ein Wildschwein zum Grenvergleich hingestellt.

Court Guinness Update: March 2024 , , , , , ,

My heroes in real life are now the intrepid researchers who try to find out how to do surgery during a spaceflight. To do this, you need a dead pig, an airplane, and lots of parabola flights. Each parabola gives you 30 seconds of weightlessness during which you can try out an operation step on the dead pig while fighting with the urge to vomit and while the internal organs of the pig may start to float away. The researchers have about one hour of simulated operation time per day, split over 120 separate parabolas.

(Data from the book A City on Mars by Kelly and .)

And, by the way, this gives a new interpretation to the term rocket surgery.

Gestern vor fnf Jahren fuhr ein Tiertransporter vor einen dnischen Ferkelproduktionsbetrieb. Hunderte kleine wurden auf den Transporter getrieben. fr einen Betrieb irgendwo Richtung Polen. Sie kamen nie dort an.

Gestern vor fnf Jahren wussten wir noch nicht, dass wir am nchsten Tag fertig und glcklich ber drei kleine gerettete Ferkel sein wrden.

Despite him being a side character, I physically resemble my pig OC more closely than any of my main characters prior to his creation.

A bit belated, I know, but for , here's Hammil MacLehan.

I found myself creating yet another stamp brush to minimize the amount of time it took to render a background field full of cornstalks.

How Britain battled food waste with the help of hungry pigs

Sunday market day at at the former The love a good walk here, followed by excellent in the Just one on many lovely places to visit in Easy reach of Enjoy the or at the The line is rapidly rising as the warms it up.

It's ! Here's a porcine pal from Tanzania.

One month old 8 lbs mini pig and 145 lbs Great Dane take a walk.

First watermelon of 2024. Nom, nom, nom

Hey! Its ! And as chance would have it, we have a short video all about piggy etymologies!

Pink elephant, dog lake rescue, pig gets a friend, and a chatty cat.

Majapahit Piggy Bank in Oxford, England

A rare specimen of the ancient piggy bank of Java resides in one of the unassuming corners of the Ashmolean.

Co-Circulating and Viruses, , 2022, Emerg Infect Dis.:

-- In September 2022, of manifesting -like lesions caused by swinepox virus were reported in Tshuapa Province, DRC. 2 human mpox cases were found concurrently in the surrounding community. Specific diagnostics and robust sequencing are needed to characterize multiple poxviruses and prevent potential poxvirus transmission.

Me encanta este puerquito

The number of Cattle slaughtered in January 2024 rose by 7.9% when compared with January 2023

Reading about the history of river regulation for this week's Rare Earth, and you've got to love the practicality of early English laws:

"A statute... from the 12th century declared that English rivers be kept free of obstructions so that a well-fed three year old pig could stand sideways in the stream"

First will come from

.... ...!!


Big bunny buggy, desert dog rescued, happy pig runs at last, and a thirsty cat.

Einfach in Ruhe schlafen knnen Die gerettete Schweinefamilie um Mama Hanna und ihre Kinder Hein, Willi und Pia bei ihrem obligatorischen Nach-dem-Frhstck-Schlfchen.

Mehr ber die Schweine im Land der Tiere:

It's again! Post some jokes or funny memes under this hashtag today, and bring lots of smiles to .

Lovely stroll with the dogs this morning. We were joined by a stunning and his wife. All topped off with a nice coffee at the .

"Pig & Poppies" teableau for 02/18/24

My dad told me his childhood home outhouse in Korea had a pig that would eat the crap to live. The outhouse had a stick to hit the pig with because it would bite you in the ass. Was it a true story 50/50

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