We are staying on a farm

We are staying on a farm in the middle of nowhere and these are the neighbours. (The pigs are not for eating, only for being admired)

Three little pigs have been released on a Cornish moor. The pigs will act as natural 'ploughs', turning over the earth, eating the roots of bracken etc. This will create habitat for lizards and snakes, while also distributing seeds for birds to forage. Hopefully more pigs will be released in future.

The number of pigs slaughtered between January and July 2023 fell by 10.4%

It has to be at least a decade that the Internet joke of "shouting" BACON! started.

It is amazing that people still tell this *tired* old joke.

Pigs have been tested to be more intelligent than dogs.

Would you want a dog to go through what a pig goes through so people can eat bacon

Celebrity Pigs

The law requires that mother in Massachusetts be housed in a space large enough for them to stand up, turn around & spread their limbsand prohibits the sale of cruelly produced pork products. Provisions on calves raised for veal and egg-laying hens have already been implemented.

Says Advocacy Director Kara Holmquist, The cages used to house pregnant pigs are made of concrete and metal. Theyre so small the poor animals cant take more than one step in any direction. 2/

and of three swine-origin A() viruses with to humans isolated in the from 2017-2020, J Infect Dis.,

talking about in the intersection (or is the huband calling his wife a pig I am confused).

Its ! I am definitely a lover of bacon, so much so that its one of the pig-related words whose etymology I explored in this short video:

The of swine A viruses in Southeast , PNAS:

Leo the Maltese meets Hedwig the piglet.

Porky Pig Memorial in Portis, Kansas

A small-town limestone memorial to a local cartoonist and to Porky Pig, his most famous subject.

Police Scanner, Amateur Radio & CB

Remember, kids, All Cops Are Bastards!

Fertilisers Price Index down by 43.4% in the year to June 2023

Horrific Cruelty to Pigs Exposed in Report

Germany Witnesses a Striking 2.2 Million Drop in Pig Slaughter During the Initial Half of 2023

A - , D.O.N., :

In english: Whose fault
The , which kills wild , is even causing hatred in . The virus was first detected in farmed in in 1996. From there, it spread from one to another in South-East and also hit humans.
The closer , , and humans live to each other, the more ideal the breeding ground for virus .

On the blog! More Doctor Baer development and playing with a fantasy alphabet I designed over 20 years ago:

'Swine flu' strain has passed from humans to swine nearly 400 times since 2009, study finds

This is how I prefer my bacon.

New undercover footage reveals pigs being driven mad by boredom and stress. Pregnant pigs are confined to filthy, cramped gestation crates, barely larger than a pig's body, so small the animals can't lie down comfortably or turn around.

Hidden cameras unveil the cruel reality for mother pigs

CDC reported a presumptive positive A()v virus of origin : Department of Health and Human Services first reported a presumptive positive influenza A(H3) variant virus infection on July 26 in a person who attended a fair that took place July 7-16. More:

Apples gone first then lovely waste stuff from the organic veg and fruit shop up the lane

Ecuador pig & poultry farm pollution sparks protest amid IDB, IFC loans

On the Blog: another Doctor Baer development piece with my take on Baba Yaga and her flying mortar.

Cute Reading Cartoon Pig Family USB Flash Drive by Cheerful Madness!! at Zazzle

Illegal muscle-building drug found in some U.S. pork exports

Further to the above:

Traffic Ham: Multi-Agency Operation To Capture Unruly Pig Living Near Auckland Motorway (Stuff)

"The Naughty Piggy Is Very Smart" - Auckland Council (RNZ)

Wishing you a wonderful Lughnasadh/Lammas and a gorgeous beginning to the harvest season!
Music is The Harvest Home (a traditional Irish song) performed by Katy Nickerson Music

And here free their caged comrades

An old folk belief in Ireland held that there are 12 different winds and each has its own colour

Also (from a different source) pigs can see the wind

Brick top..
haven't heard his colloquial humor in a while.

Reverse - of A viruses and in results in viruses with zoonotic potential

Would be very good news if it works in pigs.

The number of pigs slaughtered between January and June 2023 fell by 10.5%

African swine fever has been found at Finnish meat processing group HKScan's pig farm in 's county. The farm has more than 9,000 , and all of them will now be slaughtered.

pig farmers, producer sue over humane-treatment law warn of jackbooted Bay State inspectors stomping through Midwest pig farms

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