wild pigs Pop star Shakira

wild pigs Pop star Shakira holds her own against wild attackers The New Daily

anotherglenda SW Vic Aus (wild pigs) Pop star Shakira holds her own against wild attackers | The New Daily Left wing, cares about welfare of people, living things & environment, blocks RWNJs, trolls & pick-up artists

Alpha20_ Own World Being a celebrity is all about being a degenrate, having ethics of pigs and stooping too low just to promote projects, the major revenue of which will anyway go to the producers. Sober Student & Investor | Drunk Trader Relatively Harmless guy

DPRK_News Pyongyang, DPRK CELEBRITY NEWS. Ji-Tae, Lonely Raccoon of Haeju, expected to make full recovery after mild kidney failure after mass consumption of discarded fetal pigs from local schools’ anatomy classes. Official News feed of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

ChiggityChives kermit gulag The cast of teen wolf is also my favorite “most boring interaction you’ve ever had with a celebrity”: I handed Tyler posey and Dylan o’brien the tongs I was using to grab food with at a yacht party and said “the pigs in the blanket are good. Oh also, congrats on season 6.” they say napping and eating burritos isn’t a substitute for a personality, but I beg to differ | formerly @CapcomUSA_ | opinions are my own | he/him | 30

Fatmamals Dubai How old must you be to thirst over a celebrity & ruin other people’s experience? Too much energy need to be put outdoors.. pigs. But dune was great. Focus on the good part fatma plz life is a one big movie theater

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