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CelebrityDreams I need more celebrity sex accounts to check out and retweet my post I think it’s hot seeing how many people agree or wanna be involved or want to see the scenarios I post for all of you DM ME Celebrities with their pictures to post I take request.
Gavizuli @_icze4r probably the only celebrity sex pest who can say “I don’t remember it” and it be true Don't be mean
Mohamedalibo New York, NY I think we could really all use a celebrity sex tape right now. Whose would you wanna see? I’ll go first @JordanPeele and @chelseaperetti #QuarantineLife #QuarantineAndChill
cassidy307 Existential, Crisis Weinstein put in isolation after massive celebrity sex scandal. Epstein put in isolation after massive political sex scandal. That bitch doesn’t have corona and he gonna get suicided. This is my dumpster fire
schmitzy_tv Your Mom's House I like to Google celebrity sex tapes and find one of someone I don't know and then before watching, google them and see what they're about and watch their movie or whatever they do and then watch it so it's more shocking to me if you don't follow me then my dad could definitely beat up your dad 😤
Myeonhole Korea has been having some of the most bizarre scandals these last few years 😭 This crap not cute at all. They're too uptight and conservative in perspective and opinion to be having all these globally embarrassing issues occuring. Cults in politics, celebrity sex scandal, A backup account or some crap like that.
LetsfixthisNZ Cyberspace @Jonathon_Shafi @VernsCave Prince Charles has tested positive this virus respects no one irregardless of race wealth status celebrity sex please obey lockdown isolation rules and protocol because your life depends on it Covid19 can kill you and you can kill others inadvertently spreading it Fighting for NZ values and freedoms that make us unique and proud to be Kiwi. Sunlight is the best disinfectant ~Truth to power
EmmaCFarnsworth Chicago, IL So grateful for MBMaM and McElroy energy right now. I legit want that celebrity "Sex and Candy" sing along to happen.
JustWhatINeede3 @StefLee97919633 ?? The kids were the ones doing the touching. It's kids being kids and doing something that they don't know is wrong. It's funny. You are all the crazy ones who look at that and think "celebrity sex trafficking ring!" Oh yeah, when are all those arrests happening? LOL Let me be your game show host. Maybe prizes will be awarded, who knows - we're playing fast & loose with this, like Trump with the #coronaviruscrisis.
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a7kiIr 19 @DamnUtd Celebrity sex tapes get leaked all the time, her family was going to become more and more famous due to their father @lfc | @mclaren | @audemarspiguet
sparky_griswald Camby, IN Just finished it. Fair to say that crap was phoned in big time........... Snoogens. It had more guest appearance then a celebrity sex tape and just as dirty. #BatffleckWasTheBoomYo Military vet, love to hunt, camp and firearms of all kinds.
jaci_gisondi harvey weinstein tested positive for corna and that celebrity sex trafficking conspiracy is starting to sound frightening I sing only when not asked queer she/her
107Prospector Scranton, PA If you could be quarantined with one celebrity (sex or relations of any kind are completely off the table so don’t even try) who would it be and why? Radio Morning Guy @rock107 in Northeast PA! Into bicycles, the @RamsNFL @NYRangers & @Yankees & my wonderful wife. Gets you to work, puts you in a good mood.
lemmi85 Atlanta, GA 🏍 Mobile, AL Folks ain’t deleting that video. They done already uploaded it to xvideos and pornhub. Then made it per of celebrity sex mashup just chillin
monicamo_ San Diego, CA I take it back. More athlete and celebrity sex tapes #LOCKDOWN2020 waiting, probably the rest of my life, for an *nsync reunion tour. love sports and reading. Padres, Bruins, Patriots fan.
CLINTGIBBONS62 Morristown | Nashville TN @johncusack @gdtrble @kitmcc Always been a Fan.. Now I’m sooo disappointed in you. The thing is these reporters are bringing doom and gloom with all there Biased questioning based BS they use. Always a set up question . Nothing positive ! Are You part of the celebrity sex trafficking gig ? Just A Good Ole Boy From TN. GO-VOLS ... :)
MollyPish Arizona, USA naughty cheerleader #sexoanal #scissoring tomb raider xxx and a celebrity sex videos I’m imagining your hands on my body…your mouth on my body…and finally, your body on mine.
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Courrejovi Monterey, CA I wish celebrity sex tapes had been popular back when Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg dated.
Urieldub @bluegirlolu @yankohBoy I actually dislike ladies that are obsessed in having sex with a celebrity that doesn't even know you all in the name of having crush?? as in where is your dignity?? i'm i the only one feeling bad about this??? well, i have crush on Rihanna. and i know God answer prayers.😌😌 follow me first
A_S_V_L_N LV-26 I don’t know who the person in pink is so I’m only talking about peck It seems as if you guys see a gay celebrity and all you want them to do is have gay sex with someone els of your choosing It’s really weird yo I like everything you don’t XXX 🇬🇹
BiPaganMan Lafayette, IN O.k. #gaymedia couple of things 1. Quit trying to force labels on people every time a female celebrity admits to having sex with "men and women" you try to force them to call themselves #bisexual, if a male does the same you label them #gay Bisexual Man living in Indiana He/him/his pronouns
speaks_my_mind_ India Sooo..... here is my observations FB 1. Travel dairy 2. Gyan ki baatein 3. Relatives Insta 1. Weight loss/ hairloss products 2. Out of world pics 3. Exercise n live like celebrity Twitter 1. Sex 2. Sex 3. And more sex. #21DaysChallenge #SocialDistanacing #Sunday #Doordarshan NO DM... I AM Nobody.... to Anybody n Everybody. Got it ???
legend5671 @omorin_ola @ItsDaSuss Some people ain’t just bright because he’s a celebrity he can’t lie or what? You can’t tell me chioma and David haven’t had sex since they came back and this virus is sexual transmitted also! So wtf
amritaa_1 Princess Park I don’t know what minor needs to hear this but openly expressing your desire for a grown man to have sex with you on this app exposes you to predators. It doesn’t matter if you were talking about a celebrity, these predators find you, harass you and it can turn ugly. (she/her) 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙙𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮 𝙞 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙝𝙞𝙢 💛 tracksuit twitter stan ☀️ on this page we tpwk ✨
Tobehwannabeh @AlanDeist @NateTalksToYou @SirBadOpinions Yeah, I think you can report leaked sex tapes of celebrity and non celebrity
LispyCritic 'Merica @TrumpWarRoom Wow. Here’s another one... @realDonaldTrump referred to women’s privacy and dignity as “pussy,” when he bragged about grabbing it. Not as bad as a couple gaffes about family. At least he didn’t violate their genitalia and chalk it up to celebrity. #trump #sex #sad #metoo #grampa Taking out the trash.
CelebrityDreams I need more celebrity sex accounts to check out and retweet my post I think it’s hot seeing how many people agree or wanna be involved or want to see the scenarios I post for all of you DM ME Celebrities with their pictures to post I take request.
Gavizuli @_icze4r probably the only celebrity sex pest who can say “I don’t remember it” and it be true Don't be mean
aredamnhoj Brooklyn, NY @thefingersofgod Thanks for asking, Ms. Perry. Upending traditional notions about art, sex, death, politics, celebrity, and technology, my novel's a timely satire about a Latinx influencer in the throes of the attention economy, a love “quadrilateral,” and a mysterious illness. Thanks, again. Writer, editor (@BigOtherMag), publicist (@RhizomaticPR), johnmadera@gmail.com
Kareem_Owheat Tulsa, OK @Anon3262Q @LongDoinks And this is proof enough to believe in a giant secret society of satanist, celebrity, child trafficking, pedophile sex abusers for you? Born in 2016 on a Russian Bot Farm to Russian Bot Parents Sasha and Felipa 10110011. People with real human emotions can't possibly share my opinions. Bots only
BullcrapSlayer @KTHopkins Tiny penis...like the married dude that was banging you on a field. And you're right, you can't get Corona, because Corona doesn't want to be infected by you. Just some guy that believes in muh freedumz & muh democracy. Support the troops in Afghanistan fighting for heroin, I mean, muh freedumz. #GawdBlessMurica
iStayWinning365 USA @glynch77 @BeMore27 @harperhempel But I definitely see what you’re saying and you’re right. This is why shouldn’t have sex recorded especially with a celebrity. If it gets out it’s going to be really hard on your family PROFESSIONAL SPORTS BETTOR SINCE 2010. DM ME FOR INCREDIBLE VALUE RATES. VENMO & PAYPAL ACCEPTED
LauraSensFan United Kingdom If you were to have sex with any celebrity one male one female who would it be? (Guys you can just pic one woman if u prefer ) mine would be @KateBeckinsale and @chrishemsworth 😍😍😍 Give me that threesum any day 😏😏😏 Im a #tattooed 💉 #bisexual #vampire living in wonderland 💙drinkin #jackdaniels listening to #hardcore #GoSensGo!see more at
snowtr1ll Listen ... i had sex with a comedy celebrity and it lasted 4 mins 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 biggest disappointment of my life insta/snap: @snowtr1ll | 🤞🏼 ❣️ ⚖️ My tweets are in no way affiliated with my employer 🥳
relay_data USA A celebrity, famous CEO, sports star, and other influential figures are said to be members of the underage sex trafficking 'Nth Telegram Room' Sharing open source intel.
SexNewsLady Los Angeles, CA NBA Player Iman Shumpert And Model Wife Teyana Taylor Traded Lists Of Celebrities They Had Sex With Come check out the sexiest news, live sex news, willing and waiting for you to follow! See more Sex News Lady at
IQShowbiz NBA Player Iman Shumpert And Model Wife Teyana Taylor Traded Lists Of Celebrities They Had Sex With #Celeb The latest quality entertainment news. Famous relationships💖 Celebrities📸 Rumors🤔 TV📺 Music🎤 Movies📽️
DoomlordVek Occupied Britain @PaulOnBooks @BorisJohnson Probably unprotected sex with a minor celebrity or arts figure, not noticed for awhile because of his cocaine-numbed nostrils and palate. She did have to say that stupid "saboteurs" thing, didn't she? (Can't follow any more people because of some stupid Twitter rule) #Remain🇪🇺
mikesw1919 Oh i love kylie’s big tits and her slut face 🤤💦 #cumtribute #cumshot #cum #sex #cumslut #cockslut #sexygirl #amateur #nudes #bigboobs #celebrity #jailbait #bigtits #zorra #porno #jerkoff #wank #hot #cumwhore #horny #cocktribute #jailbait #kyliejenner I make cum tributes for little money (DM)👀. I can speak Spanish too and I love the big tits.
mrssrobot Netflix @TRISTE52121708 @Yurr_AK @harperhempel i didn’t say y’all, but that guy in specific. and i’ve never gone crazy after seeing a celebrity dick. if a girl doesn’t delete a sex tape than she is disgusting too. Insicura nerd e affamata. 20♉️|ISTJ|feminist|netflix addicted
MahmoodSajeedah California, USA Lil Wayne the Celebrity rapper was a rapper, but he tried to have sex with the Spirit of Marie Laveau and so he got off into heavy metal which is considered white people's music. The tatoo's on his face just means all kinds of things. Some of it is Jamaican. But Lil Wayne is True Celebrity News, l am your Supreme, Ultra, Psychic Medium Witch, Spiritualist, Medical intuitive Call Text Email 559 469-3878 psychicmediumdeathia@gmail.com
Gargamelsh A few more failed attempts at pairing it with current events made me believe that a celebrity was in fact the key. Until late October/early November showed a boost when paired with trends relating to sex and drugs. Video Editor. Hot Dog. Jumping Frog. Albuquerque.
nilus84009059 Hollywood bunga bungalow @EdB61 Rampant anal sex and an obsession with/ elevation of celebrity chefs ( IM NOT EVEN KIDDING!) are but two signifiers I have seen documented. Bumming, Cumming and Pudding. Sent back to Erff to combat waycismz, trite supwemacee, quimjustice, Shinaqualitee , brejudice an sheeeeit. And if dat gyets me nob sucked: safe innit. Brap
rotichuunai we've established from recent celebrity posts about covid solidarity whatever, that these people are rich and far removed from the reality of us peasant consumers. again, is rather BTS, or any celebrity, not meddle into something as touchy as cyber sex exploitation and child p*rn chaotic recklessness, rebranded, repackaged.