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DaydreamingBFly in lamb land @ari_grandslay23 @90sMariah If I said someone doesn't look good aka a mess in a pic does that mean Im fat shaming them and making fun of their mental health? If I was a public figure and photos of me arriving at an airport leaked people will comment. Celebrities in all their aspects entertain the masses
LionsHeartMedia Nashville, TN The #mlbfieldofdreams game doesn’t need to be about fat cats and celebrities. It needs to be about the average fan. Lottery based tickets. @MLB @whitesox @Yankees #Iowa #affordable #bluecollarbaseball ⚾️⚾️⚾️
grimangel53 Florida, USA @mitchellvii You say that like we would get invaded. Who would want to invade us? All we produce is crappy celebrities, fat people, and racists if our president is any indication. Admit it. You just want an AR-15 because you want to compensate for something. Geeky Stuff, Polite Commentary, and Mostly Jokes. RTFL, TAZ/MBMBAM, Games, and Pop Culture. Occasional Streamer on @Twitch and IT Professional.
MickiD216 Brooklyn, NY # Ketosis the most talked about Weight Loss product is finally here! Doctors and Celebrities Buzzing People are having losing up to 1lb of fat per day! Order now 'Often imitated, never duplicated' quote by the Original One 🎶Follow Michael Africk on Twitter 👉 @michaelafrick I promote #fashion #music #film Jhtscw
drtherrien2001 @DailyCaller Wait, what?? @Twitter there are plenty of celebrities et al, too numerous to mention, that have publicly wished death to @realDonaldTrump and @Scaramucci calls him fat and your pissed?? I support @realDonaldTrump but c’mon @Twitter show some consistency.
winwithTrump45 USA @Kmanaman3 @Michael36213243 @8BrianVogel4 @jewls2245_gemma @Ryan0neal @SonOScrutinizer @PPPTCE @LegendaryPask @Saracorday @seniorveteran @CarlBotha2 @Working17862787 @chowskej @_Fat_Nixon @Annette66130164 @lockrousseau @gaming_grump @DennisH59386592 @freedom_gal @LucyForLiberty @McginnKeven @toadsu2 @ThelmaB06893137 @WattzzD @spiralwrap @CraigChermside @TjReasonz @Safetman52 @PD3598 @krztfr68 @ddittmar9 @ClayMMA1 @DrummondJeff @AceBurford @willofphil @Larryputt @KeecoWang5 @CleDonnelly @voteCrosby @someotherperso3 @tjkturner @sunflowermoon14 @frankieBll @PaulBochamp @W_T_F_smh @GeraldCraig2 @marchmatron @J_Allen_CA @waltermiller506 @RonMahan1 Celebrities as well, they have a large fan base and the unhinged will strive for their approval. These celebrities are poor role models and should be held accountable for their words. The main focus should be on CITIZENS FIRST in our own Country! Vote any & all politicians who do not put citizens & our County first OUT! SIMPLE #UnityISKey
TheLittleFoxes1 @therealwiscoguy @JeremyDBoreing Republicans are accusing others of being immature and catty? LOL. Your idol Trump mocked one of his own supporters for being fat and gets in twitter fights with celebrities.
yittiez California, USA remember when the magazines used to focus on celebrities and their “flaws” by pointing out crap like armpit fat of all things? crap was ridiculous, the media is forking ridiculous🙄 beauty, brains & insane ♎︎
MsCandyBigFine @BossJayyy_ Honey I don’t eat McDonald’s because I’m not a bum like you and calling me fat is not earning you any money just like talking crap about Nicki you are still going to be hiding behind a celebrities picture talking crap all the while not getting an income to do so New Orleanian born and raised makeup loving girly girl Die hard Saints fans fun loving music lover
thoughtbringer Cleveland, OH My Twitter bookmarks form a volume of campy stuff from celebrities and politicians. I have all the greats: "you", the Kevin Smith tweet, the Kylie Jenner chemtrails edit, down-n-outs looking for fat bitches, but this... this is something! peaches and gravy, peaches and gravy
DaltonGrissom TX Y’all just love when celebrities and other politicians insult Trump or even call for him to be assassinated but then gasp in disbelief when he calls a dude fat lmao he’s in yalls heads bad
ClayRoberts967 Celina, OH @MrJonCryer I’m a fat guy and I thought it was hilarious! TRUMP 2020!! Enjoy the ride for another term and get you tissues ready since all you so called “celebrities” cry cause you have nothing better to do!! Afternoon DJ 3-7pm 96.7FM WCSM. My tweets are my own thoughts and opinions.
airiallll @VivienneChow I don’t get why people are acting like she was forced to say that or that she had no other choice. What about other celebrities who has spoken out about how Hong Kong’s police and have condemned the excessive police brutality, like Chow Yun Fat? 19. I’m a girl?
BilleVenusvenue @gatewaypundit @cristinalaila1 But it's okay to call him orange, fat, stupid and a pedophile. It's okay for celebrities to simulate and threaten murdering him, throwing his son in a cage with pedophiles & etc. If you poke the bear, he will probably attack. Pro American, Pro constitution, pro christian, pro military, Immature liberals put you on their mean fake bullying list because they can't beat you with logic
NotJamesAvery McAllen, TX The gays are really fat shaming female celebrities as if they don’t suffer from body dysmorphia and no one in the community wants their fat asses he/him 🇲🇽 m͏u͏s͏i͏c͏, makeup, and medicine | self-taught MUA ✨| insta: n͏o͏t͏j͏a͏m͏e͏s͏a͏v͏e͏r͏y͏ | DM or Email averymacielmusic@gmail.com
richeekies and the tweets abt his weight..... sis pls stfu one second yall are like ‘body positivity🥰😋’ and the other you go and fat shame idols and celebrities that you dont like. literally fork all the way off call me princess and im yours __ 19 __ sub __ pls be cautious im fragile🥺
4orty6ix Sydney, Australia I take this as a compliment @TheWayneGardner coming from a fat dickhead 👍😂😂 I taught Valentino Rossi how to hit a golf ball & Tiger Woods how to ride a bike #blueandgold
kingofbeaners20 Celebrities can tweet sum like “just took a fat crap” and that bitch will get 22k tweets and 100k retweets😂
KayyDeeJay Bridgeport, CT Celebrities really be wearing citi trends and rainbow and crap but y’all too good to shop there. My bottom fat so crap fork it 🤷🏾‍♀️ By Any Means Necessary 🤞🏾LONG LIVE TRE 💔 |NCAT ALUM| FYB INC.
GingerHultinRD Seattle, WA Just why is the #keto #diet so popular with #celebrities? The diet is actually moderate in #protein compared to other diets, with high #fat, and super low #carbs. I’m giving my #dietitian opinion on the keto diet over on @hellogiggles Registered Dietitian, nutrition expert, health writer. I talk food + wine and I go out a lot...
Doubie9927 🇨🇦 to all those celebrities posting about blindly supporting HK police, suck a big fat chode you tools. I don't want to see justifications like "they were forced to" cause, well they also had a choice not to post and not alienate their international audience
Rina4Khan @Raksha0585 @JunnaYH Such things should not be publicly voiced at all, all the more obvious that Yunho wasnt "fat" and moreover, his weight didnt affect his health 99% of celebrities serving in the regular forces gain weight, and only for Yunho did it make a BIG PUBLIC PROBLEM I am who I am! Be happy, cheerful and rich... I will survive. ~My motivation - Passion Mansour Jung Yunho~ ✨ #Yunho #TVXQ #ユンホ #東方神起 #동방신기 #유노윤호
badgalgiugiu Curitiba, Brazil do you have a crush on these celebrities? 1. no 2. yes 3. sometimes 4. Yes 5. yes 6. no 7. yes 8. no 9. no 10. big fat yes reply with an emoji and i’ll send you the questions boy bands and pop punk ruined my life
ajalyve Iowa, USA @Afronomenal_ Fat dark Black women know why. Its solely because she's dark skinned, isn't plastic and silicone filled, and has an undefined waist. Her lyrica come correct. She has talent but doesn't fit the look Black people like their celebrities and entertainers to have. TX born & bred Atheist IowaState alum Mama Theater Geek Contralto BlackLivesMatter One Black UpperMidwestern voice Reparations Venmo: @ajalyve Cashapp: $ajalyve
LibertymanNick @RyanAFournier Fat chance that’ll happen. He’s like liberal politicians and celebrities who call for open borders while living behind walls. Conservative, Christian who believes in the Constitution and American exceptionalism. Limited government, responsible spending, strong national defense.
MediaPost New York, NY Direct Auto Campaign Features Wayward Celebs, Second Chances: Direct Auto Insurance is featuring wayward celebrities Fat Joe, Johnny Manziel, and Tonya Harding in a new campaign about second chances.... Daily news and commentaries for media, marketing and advertising professionals looking for the most comprehensive industry coverage.
CycLiszt USA @realDonaldTrump Get to work, Tubby. We’re not paying you millions in taxpayer money for your WetTheBedminster and Deplore a Lago golf trips so you can sit on your fat bottom and tweet about anchors and celebrities. •Husband and Dad •Liberal and Glad •I am to rock stars what Uncle Rico is to pro football 🌊 #RESIST
dirtytruckerhat Pacifica Taco Bell In the near future we'll be eating bugs raised on human waste and drinking gray water while politicians and celebrities will get fat off of meat and thousand dollar wine. It's for the planet! Stock car flamin' with a loser and the cruise control
panosjr Ontario, Canada @ScottFordTVGuy @ldimag @realDonaldTrump As is most of Hollywood's C and D list celebrities Just a quick list of the has been getting fat off @POTUS @TomArnold @Alyssa_Milano @BetteMidler And many other washed up and talentless hacks riding Trump's coattails Joined the 50 club, lover of baseball, bourbon, kids and my dog and only the Dodgers are allowed to break my heart going forward 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇷 #MAGA #MCGA
Swordsfall1 West Coast @OwenStge Hot Take. People don't like the feeling of characters that are "better" than them. So they want there gods/celebrities, drug through the mud so they same "humble". But Hulk is ineffective afterwards and Thor fails and becomes a fat dudebro. All for the luls. #Swordsfall is an Afropunk Sci-Fantasy #TTRPG and setting. | Drift of Dreams | Pre-Orders: OPEN
Bay_Strick Celebrities demand that their back fat shows in pictures without being airbrushed and act like they stopped global warming 22 • Hot Mess • Vegan • I'll probably be late
bvbblextae @jeonjiggle + and I'm not gonna lie, I'm not fat but still see myself as not skinny enough especially when I see all the models or celebrities. good thing I read a lot about health so I don't starve myself because I know what it can make to your health (mental and physical) but+ lol no worries at least this planet has namjoon | fan account
Mark_N_Harris @chrissyteigen Celebrities always say things last this but they lack the ability to follow through. Could you shut your forking mouth and do it instead lying your fat asses off.
bestdadinoc @KidRock Awe. Kid rocks only way to get attention nowadays is to trash real celebrities and play golf with old fat white women (trump).
LonelyScribe Oxford, England @_______mjp I’d have a fat transfer into my hips, make my forehead a tiny bit smaller, maybe jaw filler & do whatever black celebrities do to make their elbows and knees the same colour as the rest of them 😂 Writer by trade. Multimedia Journalism Grad’, Freelancer & Aspiring Presenter & Model. I like girls & boys 🌈Contact: Paulineaphiaam@gmail.com
janielpiglet anywhere we wanna believe people commenting about celebrities and influencers weight needs to stop. someone is constantly commenting asking if they are okay because of how skinny someone looks but the second they gain 1 pound they are calling them fat and vice versa. “you can love anyone you want, and i don’t mind. because i know you love me, too.”
themanleypeach @jameelajamil Thank you! ❤️ Seeing celebrities with "imperfections" means the world. Here's a wedding photo I really love but have kept hidden for over a year because the back fat AND double chin.. It deserves to be seen with all the perfectly posed ones too. #freethebackfat Red-lipped, red-haired newly wed, dog mom, and your body-positive neighborhood feminist. 💋💍🐶
chiarastmrng disneyland @jameelajamil it IS a huge victory. i remember obsessively observing every photo of celebrities i thought were pretty and seeing how there was absolutely no fat on them, and then hating what i saw in photos of myself. so, many, many thank yous for this. [she/her] a poet in progress
minsprouts I get that BTS are closer to fans than other celebrities usually are but some of you need to get it through your thick skull that there is still a fat forking line between fans and friends... you are NOT their friend...you dont know them personally so stop. 🐰🐣
joemartignetti Beat Central, USA @BreitbartNews Hollywood is public enemy number one not, MSM they are just D list, wanna-be stars. Breitbart called it. Celebrities are Hollywood's flying monkeys, grown fat and lazy from the fame that Hollywood annointed them with. Once again, Trump is right. 🎯 #TopBeat10 playlist; (See Pinned Tweet) - Streaming Dreamy International BeatPop to your soul. I used to work for RomperRoom but, Rap broke my spirit.
Danny_Cavender Atlanta, GA Hey Bette, your"old, fat"! Remember moving to Canada, there's nothing worse than LIARS! Celebrities not moving to Canada: Snoop Dogg, Lena Dunham, Cher, Chelsea Handler, Robert de Niro, Neve Campbell, Raven-Symoné, Bryan Cranston and Barbra Streisand! SHUT- YOUR PIE HOLE!! Sr. Cybersecurity/ Information Security Specialists. SME; IAM PAM Security Analyst. DLP/EDR SEIM/CEH