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joe_shank45 Muncie IN @BetteMidler and all Fat celebrities you need to keep your mouths shut and let the professionals do their job. You are not doing anyone any favors by spreading your hate. STFU Proud Trump Supporter
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emythee She/Her celebrities if you are doing asinine things like uploading videos of yourself crying in your million dollar homes or making jokes about yourself a getting fat pls, remove your head from your bottom and do something useful like donating to #CULTforGOOD ➡️ Horror Fan. Podcast enthusiast. Retired Sex Worker. Dethklok Groupie. Creator: @Fanghouling Artist: @kalecartel 🇵🇾 Slytherin #DecrimNow RT =\= Endorsements
MarissaOsman Ohio, USA So, so tired of celebrities posting memes about getting fat during quarantine. All that money and they still can’t come up with something more creative than a fatphobic attempt at a joke? King’s College LDN & UKY grad. Ravenclaw, Lorde stan, MCU & Tolkien fangirl, MuggleNet Transcript Coord., literature freak, author. Owner: @angryhareco. She/Her
Brandonieweenie It’s so easy for celebrities and athletes to tell us to stay home cause they got them fat bottom cribs lmao No I'm not Jordan but I am the Goat Ig: @Brandonietheweenie #FlyEaglesFly 🦅
fat_train It's a two-tier system everywhere. #PrinceCharles gets tested when nurses can't. In #Canada, #SophieGregoire gets tested and everywhere else it's #celebrities and #athletes. #coronavirus ICU, mum baby, emerge, general medicine, anit-MAID, discharge, crisis intervention, stroke rehab etc. Hospital policy. Health care. Advocate.
gh0stwave Wuhan, China @robreiner And yet so many fat, stupid, useless celebrities have survived. There is no justice. Eagerly awaiting the day Dack Jorsey is unemployed ⏱tick,tock,tick,tock⏱
karasschi @fat_shook omg to me realism is kinda ugly....idk i personally dont like it theres nothing exciting about it (except for a few select pieces) and teas i make random crap but i like it soooo much better than copy pasting celebrities faces lawl nothing to see here
PlNKJOJI she/her; 19 boutta get skinny and get a fat bottom so i can be like the cool kids and fork some celebrities ✨🌑💫
kelownascott Kamloops BC The experts I've heard have said this could well be 12-18 months Do you want to be the one that denies fat ass, take out addicted people food Step right the fvck up brother No No I do not have your back You're on your own Is this why the rich and celebrities so quiet If you call proven facts easily available in the public domain about war or reality a difference in opinion You will be blocked without notice
ManeManJoe Indiana, USA @BetteMidler It's called blowing smoke up your own fat ass! Many of you"celebrities" do it! Anything to feed your ugly personality and ego! Kind of like Trashing our President just to get attention! Go away you old cow! 🦁Husband ♌️Father, Grandfather, ✝️Christian, Conservative, 💯% Trump Supporter👍, Pro 2A🔫, KAG!🇺🇸 @NRA Member!
ayye_qua I can’t believe this many celebrities are famous off of fat asses and twerking.. like that’s their whole fame. The whole thing Good at making messes, but even better at cleaning them up ♊️
blav01571 Unk All you forking millionaire celebrities can suck a fat one with your PSAs. When I can’t pay my bills and lose my home where will you be? In your million dollar homes. fork off. #COVID19
UnseeingEyes GLOBAL/New York While the celebrities in mansions and 3 refrigerators are playing boardgames telling us everyone should stay home/we all have to do our part. Pretty easy to say when you have a fat bank account. When your children can eat all forking day anything they “want.” I am an author & literary agent. Unseeing Eyes is the story of my life; the others are just books. I'm a stream of consciousness, a dreamer, a friend to all...
sabrinam117 These celebrities are really pissing me off. Like "stay home home guys!", OaKy SuZie Q! Ill try and stay in my home that might go into foreclose due to the fact I can no longer pay my mortgage or rent because I have no job. Shut the fork up, and continue making your fat checks Why watch others live their lives...get out there and live your own.
KILOGEARCUT Los Angeles, CA @Renick33 We will be your new best thing ever purchased @renick33 !! We shape the top celebrities in Hollywood for a reason. Check out @kilogearcut and Beautiful weighted performance gear that shapes and tones the entire body...and helps burn fat! Revolutionary weighted performance apparel for the entire family. Get MORE out of everything you do! #wearableworkout
HPottttee @buckleysdiaz Why aren’t we focusing on the fact that Kim and Kanye lied? Will we cancel them? Probably not cause they are big A-list celebrities. But because Joshua Bassett is new to Hollywood we can cancel him? How about you go cancel Miss Kim and Mr. Kanye who are big fat lying peicesofcrap
deIreyart mexichoe city cabrona and this is not a "fat shaming" tweet but if you don't believe me, look at those powerful hollywood celebrities. those pedophiles are fat, white and ugly. im sorry. soy puta y qué
AcrossMediums Because the wealthy, celebrities and political fat cats enjoy greater privilege and access to health care under the current system. Survival is measured in dollars not sense. *Obsessed w/future of humanity for my 3 cool kids *Senior Prod. @FlashpointsNews *Contributing Editor @HaitiInfoProj
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KILOGEARCUT Los Angeles, CA @Crystaliinaaaa forget the ankle weights @Crystaliinaaaa 😊 We shape the top celebrities in Hollywood.💯 Check out Beautiful weighted performance apparel that will help you burn fat and shape your entire body! perfect for HOME WORKOUTS! Revolutionary weighted performance apparel for the entire family. Get MORE out of everything you do! #wearableworkout
LindaforAmer United States @KarluskaP isn't it interesting that so many celebrities are testing positive? Do they NOT know what to do to keep from getting sick? Are they really sick?Just want to self quarantine for attention and post videos.? Are their egos bigger than their fat heads? NYC and Hollywood, go sit down Writer, artist, photographer. Conservative. Christian. GA Gal. #GAGOP #GACOT- #REMOVE RALSTON,🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️ #PATRIOT I Love America ,# Geogria #Candace#CCOT. WWG1WGA
mobabes_ hradec králové | harpenden i honestly saw that NHS clapping announcement and thought it was a big fat joke. whoever organised it is as bad as those celebrities singing Imagine for coronavirus. wandering world wonder | 👩🏾‍⚕️ leave it better than you found it
fluky_muse I'd like to say a big fat #thankyou to all the #celebrities and #entertainers who have taken the time to read, tell stories, and create to help us through this tough time. (Image by Gal Amar… Trying to make the world a little brighter through laughter and nerdiness!
skihouse2016 @Vickie627 @PATRIQT_1776 @JimRobe70184873 @laylow88861429 @Merry_Hippie @TomDoubting @RobertDobbs2018 @Brian_Alford @NotMattrellen @jfoster008 @Eddy120876 @AgentPjr @thedemorats @RickySi16087724 @atumpkins11 @RPCovit @chrisg409ubc @TourguideJ @Ripyourlungsout @loribahr7 @FreedomsRing1 @GPoopon @SlimJimJohn1 @topleveltroll2 @Thumper18560818 @lou_bruette @Jay_see_see @42Gnome @sig_3872 @kent_nye @drumpf_daffy @Mongo3804 @ASK_Esq29 @DectiveSamSpade @TheyGary @mjmissy @JDJones31 @Jones17Charlene @MomoaScrunchie @123RHGreen @franjerkington @LouT27 @PortlandBabs @NzSchofield @Spiritual_Kitty @MegavoltService @OkBoomer4TRUMP @PatPet1776 @Joker_Doom @susan_artiga Bet you wish instead of focusing so much money, making politicians like Al Gore rich with Climate Change,Dems focused on Future outbreaks!They had 8 years and they did nothing! A big fat nothing! They Ran around with their elite celebrities partying and getting rich off of US!
Sarah51618401 @MrJonCryer Hey Jon .... SHUT UP! We the people are SICK AND TIRED of you entitled celebrities opening your big fat liberal mouths and trying to destroy our country...You Hollywood creatures are the most vile of humans....You protect sex offenders and pedophiles! Shut up Child of the Almighty God! Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Pro Israel ProTrump Pro Life Pro America Pro Guns Pro Prayer in School Pro Bible Proud 798 Wife
coquijohnson_ Fan Account Dear celebrities, you can either write a big, fat check and actually try to help or you can just SHUT THE fork UP because your poetry and your singing are useless. Thanks. Are you recording this? (Fan Account)
lesbianIit manchester / california all of y’all saying we shouldn’t criticize celebrities for complaining during quarantine in their million dollar homes instead of opening up their fat wallets and helping people are bootlickers lily rabe enthusiast (they/them)
epilepticidiot San Antonio, TX Seeing celebrities post on social media during this quarantine makes me realize we’re all in this together...in a 10,000 sq ft mansion with staff and a fat bank account. #COVID19US Suffering is the origin of consciousness -Dostoevsky
Ransher_Tweets @aajtak @sardanarohit Rich Bollywood celebrities like her don't have any sense of social responsibility but they are good at pretending so and come out to criticise system and governments. Their contribution to society is BIG FAT ZERO, and still they are our icons. M.E. Mech. Engg., Teacher, #NRI, Nature & Peace lover, Searcing liberation & self realization by way of #Knowledge, Astonished by self & Universal existence.
kittystryker San Francisco, CA @dianasaladpot I have to try, you know? I have been shamed for eating in public, shamed for grocery shopping, shamed for existing while fat in the world. I'm tired of celebrities clumsily encouraging hatred and cheap jokes. They need to do better. Especially the ones I like. what's up, spoonlickers | consent culture, queer sex work, leftist preppers, juggalos | bylines Teen Vogue, VICE, Bitch | she/her | miss.kitty.stryker@gmail.com
bogol_baba London, England All these celebrities just having mental breakdowns in their fat yards, just goes to show money and fame don’t mean crap. 🇧🇩|20
gbarone2 Burlington, Ontario @sunlorrie @LindaFrum That's all fine but it wasn't illegam immigration that brought the virus here. It was far cats, politicians and celebrities that carried it into Canada. So keep your racist bullcrap to yourself fat cats & politicians love my gorgeous wife, my kitties and Vespa, Tiger Cats, Jays, Raptors, Leafs & Oilers.. love all of Canada plus energy independence now and conservation.
Deutero19701781 Paige Olsen is fat and ugly she had sex with the doppleganger. Her account is on open cause she’s a clout chasing bipolar maniac who wants followers so tell her to stop following these celebrities and grow the fork up. Look at the dike God of Everything
mingomango14 Arkansas, USA Man, I really feel bad for these celebrities quarantined in their mansions with fully stocked pantries and fat bank accounts. Life is hard for them. #coronavirus #CelebsQuarentined I have a really weird sense of humor. RT don't necessarily mean I agree. Sometimes I'm just bored.
krnsux ಥ_ಥ celebrities living in fully stocked mansions and fat bank accounts crying bc they cant go out but not opening their pockets to help other people directly dumbest n ugliest n most boring girl alive she/her cant believe i have to say this but none of my opinions reflect my employers.....
ItsPronotRetail Rich celebrities complaining about being shut in can choke on a fat one. You have food and money, go fork yourselves while the rest of us are stuck and broke Hockey Gear Reviews, C/RW/G, MexiCan, PHEW Mod...Grew Up Punk while listening to G-Funk #WarriorVIP, Admin of Everything: Hockey News, Beer League Talk
LISADEMOLADY New Jersey, USA #Celebrities ANY CELEBRITY WITH A FAT BANK ACCOUNT holding up STAY HOME SIGNS. Many of us HAVE to go out and go to work. SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP I am the most outgoing Product Demonstrator and Ambassador. I love to connect with people and introduce them to something new and exciting!
TatyRAW With yo dyke These celebrities nails be fat and thick asf ewwww. Who told them that crap cute Part 2 Still I rise. follow my new page and yes HOE it’s me 🙄 🇭🇹💰♎️
TheGayChingy LA/SF @Remdelarem she doesn't know who celebrities are and she has a fat ass. Truly blessed. TT_TT Chingy or Nea (she). Writer / Comedian / Gaysian BDSM Muppet. @MTVnews @Jezebel @NewNowNext @Autostraddle Venmo: ThatChingy. Contact: Chingy@TheBottomsLine.com
joe11281964 Chicago, IL @JLP4488 @Rosie Excuse me, but the Chinese started this mess. Take your head out of your bottom and stop listening to fat and hateful has-been celebrities...
yugih0e England Honestly thoughts and prayers to all of those celebrities isolated in their fat off mansions with no money worries and can probably get whatever they want when they want... what a terrible time this is 20 I’m a brat ❁ content creator ❁ Pansexual she/her 18+
morganaeliza To all the celebrities in their multimillion dollar mansions with their fat bank accounts and health insurance and financial security during the pandemic: we are NOT in this together full time student, part time crapposter
Zigresss London, England Wallahi these celebrities pissing me off 🤦🏻‍♀️ If I had a house that fat I’d make a huge den and everything 🇬🇧 🇱🇧
LastDinosauce from Character™ @ThePipLad Who does this help. I’ve never heard of any of these celebrities either yet that many likes? How does this make people feel positive? It’s some fools with a fat bank singing useless crap. Even if it was Jedward and my pussy was dripping I still wouldn’t press the like button Cincast? My arse!
darthguccci New York, NY still gagging at celebrities having the gall to say words like "imagine no possessions" and "no greed and hunger" while they sit on fat stacks and get COVID tested for fun so they can post about it online. the worms the narcissism .someone SHOVe my head into the CeILING FAN post-cognitive reasoning
AbigailDanku All these celebrities telling us to stay fit and eat healthy during quarantine... I would totally be down but the stores are out of good food and I don't have a gym at my house. So fat is all I gots to do 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️😒 Don't piss me off and we'll be good. 🤪🤙
BlablaLimon In a galaxy far, far, away @people Why not share a big fat check? It will help more to all the real heroes! celebrities singing from their isolated mansions and sending well wishes only helps their peace of mind... Lectora, cinefila, 3/4 loca y Tigre de corazon
joe_shank45 Muncie IN @BetteMidler and all Fat celebrities you need to keep your mouths shut and let the professionals do their job. You are not doing anyone any favors by spreading your hate. STFU Proud Trump Supporter
ellegibson_ England, United Kingdom Stacey Solomon on loose women saying being on lock down is a “privilege” like yeah it is for you and all ya little mates with ur fat bank balance. Think of everyone losing their jobs cos of it can’t be forkin assed with celebrities.

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