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SuSandStorm @WayneDupreeShow I don't even know who that fat boy is. Never seen him in any movie ... and don't wish too. I lived in Beverly Hills ... met many actors and celebrities. All I can say is that for the most part, they are not the sharpest tools in the shed and most suffer from emotional issues. Cherokee Nation. "If you wanna get to heaven, you've got to raise a little hell." Q - If you don't know what it is, do your research. I can be a crapkicker.
Chinobong Cincinnatti, Ohio and these petty celebrities always bickering about their fat chumps and superficial friends. i just want my forking house asap and to go live fork this crap if black lives matter so much why dont you marry them? :V (do it for the big willy)
LocoDefinition @ammg_ @TMZ @Fox411 I don't support celebrities who fat shame and that are transphobic. But that's my opinion anyway 😈 𝕯𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖑 𝕳𝖎𝖒𝖘𝖊𝖑𝖋 😈
SeeTwelveRun WILDCARD available now Aye man, y’all knew these celebrities were stupid, classist, petty, judgmental, etc... y’all just paid it no mind cuz the asses fat and they servin looks honey, or they make songs you like. But y’all knew. the past is over
CCCobb411 Walker Valley, NY (Pine Bush) @Larry007Legend @8BrianVogel4 @xXGeJaMoXx @PPPTCE @McginnKeven @Julie82902847 @_Fat_Nixon @ruxcytbl @Wattzzz2 @CarlHeck6 @Philippower15 @Fueldog1 @vlotorto @Will96617019 @EubanksKris @CuDonegal @Pippi49er @lovedove9218 @Birdseye1 @StillFreeSCOTTY @Consofcooking1 @marvin_hill123 @Duwayn55629746 @spiralwrap @side_show007 @WattzzD @PhilipPower13 @truthsearch1957 @thomascarolan12 @ForgottenSaint3 @TX_Cult45 @RooticusPrime @stephonmaui @StirringSoup1 @JimmySwimmer @jos1963 @solid2gas @DennisH59386592 @Jeanetteisback @Reaganfan_steve @Kmanaman3 @Scotsman_Drew @larrygoolsby4 @KLHirst1 @evansrc717 @CharlesVanCott @Larryputt @jack_pyro @TyDonevski @davidf4444 And your point to me is? I believe all lives matter! Just not celebrities that are trying to defund law enforcement! Animal Lover, wish I was a bird! Nascar/Denny Hamlin 🏎 #11 Supporter of Leukemia and Pancreatic research
_yoothatsmiaaa Washington, DC these celebrities and their botched tummies be looking insane how you fat but got abs it looks disgusting please stop 😂 20. “live wild flower child "🌹🌻 #DSU21
__LoveParis__ Infinity and Beyond Y’all put these celebrities on pedestals for making a good song and having a fat ass... then when they problematic it’s “fork them.” fork y’all for being so shallow and picking them in the first place for shallow reasons 🤷🏽‍♀️ Moon child 🌙 | Real Down To Saturn 👽 | Protect Your Magic 🔮| Song Bird 🦢 FMOI: paris.sylvia.marie
_Kingin95 Charlotte, NC @gorgeousflirt Yea Wayne said something along the lines of, “we’re not doing enough, so it’s our fault too.” That’s not a direct quote but it was when he did a live with Fat Joe. I’m sure it’s on YouTube. But the coon has been jumping out these celebrities and they need to be held accountable 24, North Carolina A&T SU Alumnus 🎓 Living for today & preparing for tomorrow’s blessing, 716 ✈️ 704. IG: themike.onfire
Sissywade1244 United States @EddieMae6 That will never happen. Jerrys flexing his fat limp muscles. Republicans will take All House Seats, SENATE and every democrat Governors office,Mayors offices in 2020 thanks to the Democrat Party, Media & Celebrities. See you ya at the polls.
Jouri64225751 @Luvieebear @Vy_Kovic @baejujoo @redvelvetfaney If this incident happened somewhere else and not in America do you think people will care?react the same why they did?Do you think American celebrities will all use their platform and call out the incident?Do you think thy will blame them for not reacting? That's a big fat bottom NO a reveluv ♥️💛💙💚💜 seulgi 💛🧡🐻
shOoObz Pseudo celebrities are too stupid to shut their mouths because they think they’re irreplaceable. Ari can be substituted with any fat bottom and ok face With my feet on the air and my head on the ground
Frinticfranny Out there If these fat mouth celebrities cared they would help out the good people that have been hurt by this. Why do we keep buying their music and watching their movies ? One year of people not going to the movies ought to do the trick True America loving woman. MAGA !
PeterSinclair77 Calgary, Alberta lets start with these two fat white rich men ...they can just turn over their business and money now ... so sick of being called a racist by virtue signalling old rich celebrities ... Female horrified at the Feminist that "represents" me and terrified at where our country is going. 51 year old fiscal conservative social liberal
ShellyMB2001 @joshgad @YNB I never understood why “celebrities” aren’t supposed to comment on things. I don’t recall you resigning your American citizenship and amendment rights when you agreed to take that fat Disney money! You did your job- I WAS entertained. So you have a few more followers than me! 😉
raekcns eogkrpm²a²j²t⁴s⁴. +18. lumbee. @Marie_O_FR yes i have now suck a fat popsicle and stop acting like celebrities can't spare money for people in need ⠀⠀yes or no, @mccqlls? ❪ hillary would you get out of my way ❫ #notdatingtommy ﹠ clown town. white coded native. mcr supremacist. blm. acab. twt™. ✿. #LANDBACK.
BlackNewsC Tallahassee, FL Jada Pinkett Smith, Fat Joe, Deepak Chopra, and others are joining forces to address the traumas caused by COVID-19 and racial protests across the country. #BNC #BlackNewsChannel #JadaPinkettSmith #Coronavirus BNC's mission is to provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, entertaining, inspiring and empowering to its African American audience.
Tony21568162 Anywhere belle face @AAbiodun_ Guy your list na fat 10 most protected are all world leaders and not those celebrities.Saudi monarch nor dey,Chinese President nor dey,Egypt ,Israel,Iran and Japan,Even president ,Brazilian,Qatar,Brunnel.But you dey say Jay z and he wife and Tom cruise Follow if you can,but I am not desperate.If you are full of negativity.
BaldonieriBarry Here, in the back of your mind @dcexaminer C'mon Alyssa ... you, your #metoolynchmob bimbos, and all the donating celebrities ... Get your rich, lazy fat asses into the streets and show us ALL how to establish law and order amid the looting and burning ... PUT UP OR SHUT UP ! Proud Jew - stands with America and Israel and Christians and those who stand against evil - ALL those who stand !
meltingspoint Seunghee's squishy cheekies Once I figure out how carrd works I'll translate this into romanian and bułly romanian celebrities with it until they post about it and open their fat wallets She/Her | u pickpocket me and all u get is Seoryoung
aftergrnde THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE!! im so proud🥺 all these other celebrities are sitting on their fat wallets and doing instagram chains while abel is actually giving to a good cause. i love him sm black lives matter. ♡︎
jillhope15 cool: donating money out of your pocket to support a cause not cool: calling out celebrities/influencers/companies to donate out of their pocket because “tHeY nEeD tO oPen tHeiR faT chEckBoOk aNd mAkE a cHanGe” small package, a lot of baggage
llevelofconcern @ celebrities a black forking instagram post is useless if you don’t open your fat bottom wallets and start sharing links and encouraging people on your huge bottom platform to donate/sign petitions it’s so ducking easy to do the bare minimum #BLACKLIVESMATTER
tinysculIy celebrities are so forking dumb it makes my head hurt imagine having that big fat forking wallet and a huge platform and thinking the best you can do is post a black square and go now do you know what a 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐟 is
mikeywayae GA//Minor//Yeehaw Y'all are absolute crap, fat shaming Gerard because he won't forking speak up once again we have eachother so please for the love of god shut the fork up and focus on BLM instead of getting celebrities to talk about it WE HAVE EA-forkING CHOTHER SO PLEASE STFU & LEAVE THEM ALONE Here to make friends•Negativity will be blocked•Fandom Anything•Im a girl but you can call me anything you'd like ~Private Acc: @frankl3ro~
jinIovebot 𝓴 ♡ @eungguks LITERALLY! it's so insensitive and the fact that celebrities with huge platforms and fat wallets are engaging the most with these stupid things is insane
humbuq he/him oh my forking God what the fork is wrong with celebrities? all people ever wanted you to do is spread information among your millions of followers, open your fat wallets and share some links, yall can shove those black squares posted after a week of silence up your asses sad in a reassuring way
seimeiii lol celebrities rn be like hey guys today i won't be posting because i would get crucified if i did here's a blank black picture to show how much i care now i'm going to sit my fat rich bottom in my mansion and not give a crap! oh and black lives matter don't forget! кому нужны воспоминания
badtameezgulabi all these nbpoc celebrities and influencers taking part in the whole blackouttuesday thing on instagram..,,,,,..,,,, ur purse is fat enough luv,...,,,..,,, open! it! up! this is why allah doesn’t like u bro
gothdad420 i was gonna say that huge celebrities and companies not donating/donating less than a broke college student is comical but it not comical. it is INFURIATING. open ur fat bottom wallet n do something instead of posting “black lives matter, we hear u” on socia media!! 20 / wa / blm
punkhz4rd ៛ | 17 s/h !! nsfw blood @whizkkaz @Iovejutsu @Dailyanime___ a handful of skinny people being skinny shamed while almost all fat female celebrities are fat shamed. i mean brands getting backlash for including plus size models. google nike plus size mannequin. and that’s just one of many cases where that’s happened. read the news girlie open up this is a pussy inspection !!
whizkkaz catto-nation @punkhz4rd @Iovejutsu @Dailyanime___ okay not fat girl. sikess so many celebrities have been through skinny shaming. taylor swift, emma stone, gal gadot. read the news girlie. and pls be more specific in who you mean getting backlash for ‘supporting obesity’🤧 private side
GroypRiot Will someone please tear gas this fat piece of crap. @realdonaldtrump we need to see consequences for celebrities who disrespect our country, citizens and president Riot updates/CO clips/@arbys fan account
Emperor_Keefy New Sarpy, LA Stars and celebrities some are fat they should be the most stunted spectacular and great. I want pawgs!
SymbolicLiving Stepping Out Of The Matrix @worldtreeman Celebrities are paid to "act" so they will pretend, do and say just about anything for that fat paycheck. A lot of them are willing to be used by those that pay them. Current NEWS Trends ~ Spilling The Tea, And Drinking The Coffee. All Opinions Relate to Astrology or Tarot. Artist. Creator. Writer. Free Thinker. Messenger.
introvertartbox The Edge of Glory To all the celebrities out there: You make more in a single day than I ever will in my lifetime. So why don't you pull out that fat bottom purse and use your cash for something other than your own selfish purposes, eh? Don't be shy, you can give as much as your purse can handle. If you are racist, homophobic or a bigot, the door's right there. I won't miss you.
_Tyrant_Virus Orlando, FL Maybe instead of typing something on their notes in 5 minutes to appear to give a crap - celebrities with fat bank accounts could just ~stop talking~ for once and donate. Just a thought. WV✈️➡️FL - I play video games and invest in the stock market. FPS and horror are muh crap.
elizabethwms_ New Orleans I’m not mad at no celebrities for NOT posting their donations because I haven’t either, but the ones that are posting with the intention to be congratulated and celebrated for it? fork YOU ESPECIALLY SANTANA BIG FAT “ILL HUFF AND ILL PUFF” BUILT BODY ASS!!!! SKIN CARE ROUNTINE VIDEO JUST POSTED ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL CLICK THE LINK BELOW | @THEWhipLASHCo💋
MiddleClazzMom IVotedObamaAndIDidntLikeIt @DJ_TPGReport @NY_CountryGal All these celebrities posting bail for people that have destroyed neighborhoods-while their rich, elitist, gated communities and fat bank accounts can sit this out untouched,FU. #GeorgeFloyd and his Murderer fell through THE SYSTEM of MN all run entirely by DEMOCRATS! #TheyKnew #MiddleClassWife#Mom#CollegeGrad #FreedomOverTyranny #Open🇺🇸 #PrayerMatters #SupportOurVetsCops ✝✡ #Obama/TrumpVoter #MAGA #DaughterOfNavyVet 🙏🏻🇺🇸
winterdarlin BLACK LIVES MATTER ♡ Why is this so surprising to celebrities. Y’all are so out of touch it shocks you every time trump acts like the fool and downright terrible human being that he is. Say something of value instead. Spread awareness. Open your fat wallet and put it where your fat surprised mouth is 💚 neurotic, needy, nerdy, native, nobody
big_fat_otis The shire @SkyNews " celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen, Ryan Reynolds, Harry Styles and Steve Carell, are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to help provide bail funds for anyone arrested" I suppose they're perfectly safe from the rioting and looting in their gated communities . White van guy, metal/classic rock fan and full of added awesomeness.
larebmedia London i really do not understand why people hype up celebrities for speaking out imagine this YouTuber spoke out and someone commented "my respect for you has TRIPLED YoUrE sO C00L" fork off just fork off you're hyping them for doing the humane thing? big fat yikes #blacklivesmatter
AllOutOfHope AT HOME. YOU SHOULD BE, TOO Antifa thinks they want a war @realDonaldTrump should start nationwide arrests of Antifa members and anti-American professors, celebrities, politicians, & fat cats who support & fund them. Run leftists out of the USA or into GITMO. #JailGeorgeSoros #JailHillary JAN. 14th -WHO & CHINA SAID THE WUHAN CORONAVIRUS WAS NOT CONTAGIOUS. FOLLOWED BY @RealJamesWoods, @tedcruz @MarkLevinShow @OrrinHatch @therealroseanne
hiitachiuchiha Jayprxdz fan account I truly truly truly don't get why people want celebrities and influencers to speak up so bad. 9/10 they're too dettatched to say anything meaningful on their huge platforms. Just post a fat donations & links. That's it. no justice no peace
KJ72018 @JackPosobiec Hey Celebrities! @jtimberlake and Fat @chrissyteigen another one arrested needs bail money! 🙄 Happiness is - Always having something to look forward to...I believe hard work and persistence can accomplish anything #nurseslife #MAGA
Craft_T_Wiz @YourAnonNews How about checking right-wing celebrities that use their platform to spread disinformation and hate. I've long suspected they get a big fat paycheck to do that. Especially the aging has-beens. #Anonymous #HackThePlanet About me:😐 🙄😮😂 also: 👍👎 Mainly #Days, I comment on politics and current news. #Resist #VoteTwatOut Love Stranger Things(but don't really tweet about it).
ToadieThe @steph93065 @Alyssa_Milano @GOP You little weirdos are like ticks on celebrities. You know ticks don't even have heads? Just big mouths and fat blood-filled guts. I'm only physically distant. There's a really good chance I have no idea what you're talking about.
afsamsayah DarkWorld🖤Sexier😻wokesavage☀ @kiorkisses @torylanez She sleep with her fat bottom and big mouth always! These ATL celebrities are disappointing. Apart from Porcha Williams Out of the dark comes light
SheriffUniverse Stockton, CA Bruh if more celebrities don’t donate money to bail out the protestors, y’all are clowns and couldn’t even do the minimum. Money is clearly not an issue for yalll. She donated a fat amount bruh. Y’all would shut all this crap down but wanna be quiet. king of wakanda👑
xdemonwoman Miami, FL the silence some of these celebrities are showcasing.... my goodness, the privilege! sitting in a crystal palace, untouched! fat wallets because we’re the ones buying albums, going to the movies, FUNDING part of their bank accounts and for what?