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Fat Celebrities.

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isaacisdead1383 @WokeArchive why do y’all only go after her and not the other fat celebrities?
JumpDudeTslaQ Magical Sewer land When fat celebrities lose a ton of weight it is always bc of health, &people like this hate it. Adelle felt like crap and touring became exhausting, so she hired a trainer & changed her lifestyle Lizzo is probs going to lose 50 pounds within the next 10 years for the same reason apollo#8668 on discord How the hell does mastodon work?
SirJohn_General Australia @jonfromcali @ChoooCole @funkgodartist Is this like when people in the fat movement get mad at fat celebrities who lose weight and get healthy?
copysergeant @MukundWrites You just said "I don't think society promotes anything" And yes, it is out of personal choice. But if someone gets fat and they see fat celebrities and the media promoting it, They'll think that it's ok to be like that, Instead of thinking about losing weight. Copywriter | I write copies that build engagement | On a journey to create a $10k/month Personal Brand | DMs are open
ImHyperLOL @Skillmare @GillGripper @libsoftiktok At least skinny people can get off their asses and actually make something of our lives. I don’t see any fat celebrities, do you? The best bisexual crapposter out there - Casual Surge stan
dragonryderx7x @jakeshieldsajj Alot of fat celebrities who probably do and make more money than you though. Happier too apparently since you need to Fatshame. Domestic abuse papers finally go through Mr. UFC star 🙄
randyultraviolt ☆ it/he/she/they ☆ 18yrs ☆ @333and222 @lowcalvalerie its so nasty tbh. she doesnt even post ed related content she just exists. its like the dumb argument that fat celebrities are promoting obesity by being fat and not trying to change it. its her mental health n her body she can do whatever tf she wants priv when sleeping ★✧⋆●⍣ some scene guy ☆ dxd bulimic ☆ very ill and kinda cringe ☆ interacts with edtwt/shtwt/obslovetwt ☆ not fatphobic ✧⋆⁺₊⋆●⋆⁺₊⋆
drbassnyc New York, NY #buccalfatpadremoval was trending all over social media a few months ago because some younger celebrities had the procedure done, and many believe their results have left them looking hollowed out. Learn about this procedure on my #podcast Dr. Bass is a nationally recognized innovator and authority on advanced technologies in aesthetic plastic surgery with a practice located in New York City.
KuiceWitDaJuice @fat_speep @jk55505 @L762328966 @hotdogclit @DailyLoud This guy said on another tweet to forgive rapists and pedophiles because they were celebrities don’t listen to him 💀
PrinceDivinez If you look at my old Twitter handle you see hella support form celebrities all love, and hella hate from lame bottom dudes who drink and have no women or hobbies besides drinking and getting fat. Fake flexing, talking crap but ain’t down for it, looking all ugly independent producing artist / Beat Inquiries - Snap DM for the handle
isaacisdead1383 @WokeArchive why do y’all only go after her and not the other fat celebrities?
urbansocialight Washington, DC @postsecret I could get hit by a bus today and I’d die happy. I met and and partied with so many celebrities and athletes back in my day. I got flown out, wined and dined, spa days. Enjoyed my friends. Had a flat stomach (but thought I was fat🤦🏾‍♀️) Good times. Absolutely no regrets. Your favorite manic pixie dream girl. Marketing & PR Pro. 💕Music, food, politics & all things creative. Disclaimer: These ratchet bottom thoughts are my own.
JumpDudeTslaQ Magical Sewer land When fat celebrities lose a ton of weight it is always bc of health, &people like this hate it. Adelle felt like crap and touring became exhausting, so she hired a trainer & changed her lifestyle Lizzo is probs going to lose 50 pounds within the next 10 years for the same reason apollo#8668 on discord How the hell does mastodon work?
cryingcalories2 🤍 HW: 125 lbs ⭐️ LW: 84lbs 🤍 we already have enough celebrities influencing little girls into buccal fat removal and crap like can we just stopppp. the ⏰ comments are all just like “ugh i hate my nose can’t wait for my surgery” like it’s sad ⭐️ edtwt / 988twt ⭐️ | 20 | uk | yt + blk mixed | ☁️ CW: 91 ☁️ 5”5, bmi 15.2 ☁️ @crycals2bc
dialeksus @HOLYFIRE_ I enjoy this buccal fat removal trend. Not because it looks good, but because it makes obvious how willing all celebrities are to manipulate their appearance in the most insane ways, and thus making it obvious how ubiquitous all kinds of implants, surgeries, etc. are among then. Kritiikin kritiikki
asterinonline ur dad's women like her and miss "dear fat people" do this to the girlfriends of celebrities they used to like (justin bieber, brad pitt, tom holland...) and it's just middle school mean girl rumors welcome to 106.9 star FM // after dark
MaryHMack @elonmusk Fantastic, does this mean we will see less of the celebrity narcissistic self promotion and more grassroots debate? After all this is supposed to be a public square, where celebrities wouldn't normally present without a nice fat appearance fee to talk absolute bollocks.
scarlipuss @_S0URCANDY I think about this every forking time! Photos of me, like 22 and up, all look like I had “buccal fat removal” when you compare them to my younger self— and I hated it! I wanted my round face! So I feel bad for these celebrities who are GROWING UP. social & community for 👜leather bag company, 🐈‍⬛black cat lover, admirer of Britney Spears’ 🧥outerwear from the early 2000’s, & big time fan of potatoes 🥔
jplaya15 @NBCNews Are ther any black people that arnt fat and retarded that are celebrities 🤔 IQ 168 #YourMom #Putin #JewsMakePorn #AK47 #HiPoint Enthusiast
porcelainf0rest doll/vamp/red/star/it @randyultraviolt op was dming random users trying to get them to fat shame celebrities and random college girls this is 100% a misogynistic man imo rexxie revived (like jesus or smthg) 🌻 twenty 🌻 adult mcredtwt pls follow me
reddskyy_ the great lakes state 🌤️ celebrities pay thousands of dollars to have cheeks like mine and all i had to do was be fat 🔞 cherry coke enthusiast and court jester 🔞 @redd_after_dark + @geneahistory
Klaudyy_ Moon What is going on with celebrities and their faces….it’s like they’re removing all the fat out of their cheeks…it’s giving me 💀 💀💀💀
MsModernity @v1oletdelights It’s been so fun. I had only watched the first episode when it had come out. I liked seeing inside the celebrities’ homes. Like, some obviously lived in lavish mansions while others had basic nyc apartments, etc. Everybody was a bit fat and disheveled. She/Her/Ms Donut Enthusiast/Stranger Things Enjoyer/Architectural Snob/Linguist 18+ only
hairyplantlady Somewhere NGL seeing other people fat shame celebrities or whoever gives me anxiety and fcks up with my body dysmorphia I cry a lot and I draw sometimes
mucusbymaven minding my business like, body shaming women for being fat. the thing is, you exaggerate how fat someone is, while still exaggerating how fine you are by attaching yourselves to other women (celebrities and models who look better than you). YA’LL ARE NOT AND NEVER BEEN THAT FINE. 😅😂🤣🤭 building on silenced truths — where towers of strength are created.
DonYamada2 @johncusack Why do intelligent celebrities say such profoundly stupid things? Anyone functioning at the adult level can see that Elon's opinions span the big fat middle of the political spectrum, and are not constrained by ego or the need to belong to a team.
obessecoochie @LegacyTV13_ @Shubbybabyy Eating disordered thin is pandered around like it’s not when we know damn well most of these celebrities and influencers are doing it but no one’s up their ass. Also once again if you care so much do you say this under underweight peoples stuff too? Or you just hate fat ppl? Been S worded like 5 times idek now but I’m back
cutvomit He/Him well, if u go in science class u learn that and u do an exercise where u need to find different celebrities BMI & you see that Teddy Rinner has the same BMI than an overweight guy.. ofc if you are fat like the lady on the pic you need to realise that yes u have a bit of tummy SHtwt & EDtwt
TaeganP House of Evangelista I love how they be inviting celebrities to American idol to coach and the contestants sound better lol. They didn’t come to play this season, there’s a lot of folks that got sympathy slots, let’s trim the fat and listen to these real SINGERS #AmericanIdol imma bad mama jamma muhhhfukkka ain’t got it like meeee 18+ (you may see some crap, you’ve been warned) #MyOwnBoss #ApexPredator #Dad
as3454390964346 @MattWalshBlog Lizzo is a fat slob, and irrelevant take a seat celebrities
rayshorrornigh1 So on the list of celebrities that act like big cry babies. Charlie Sheen is now on that list as he didn't want to lose his blue check mark so Charlie Sheen is a big fat baby cuz he has to pay child support. I'm really sick of celebrities complaining. Pay your bills and quit it horror movies rock!
pettybash don't be mad when God gives you something initially confusing. He gave me an Instagram ad advertising an account that fattened up celebrities and christened them a fat pun in their name. trust the process transient random-noise bursts with announcements!
hxmz4 London, England This buccal fat removal trend is another branch of the body dysmorphia mental illness tree which social media/influencers/celebrities are purporting. A huge irony and paradox with how mental health awareness is drummed yet insecurities are perpetuated 🤔🙄😒 🌚🌝
MRBN36AR @IJasonAlexander @StephenKing He world has paid far too much attention to those that make a living being told what to wear, where to stand and what to say. Celebrities are for the most part just people who got lucky, or just had the right short, bald, fat and lazy look to them. "If you don't read the newspapers, you're uniformed. If you read the newspapers, you're misinformed." Samuel Clemons
clone832 Iowa, USA @_SpecialTeamsU It has been cracking me up that you have NFL players college players, national sports outlet, celebrities going on and on at how amazing these are, but then the random fat guy from Kansas who probably is wearing crocs says they’re ugly. imagine a world, where post players didn’t take an unnecessary dribble.
ytmndan Faggo, Nigeria I pay more than $8 for a gym membership that my fat bottom doesn't even use, and millionaire celebrities are moaning over a mere pittance to keep a blue check that is clearly very important to them. LGBFJB+ ally; Thee/Thy pronouns; #FMCDH
TonyAtamanuik The Toilet It was and it worked. Now it’s a bunch of fat faced forks with beards shaped to give the illusion that they have a neckline, spouting about how celebrities drink toddler’s brain fluid on Epstein Island. With names like @eagle_triumph_9QTRUTH The President Show, What We Do In The Shadows. Stream Coffee With Tony on Twitch M-F 1pm EST - link below. Support here:
Timothy05102555 Texas, USA My NFT family, surely we all have made enough big fat bottom profits this year to help some of these poor celebrities escape the indignity and chaos of being misidentified, spoofed, seemingly involved in fraudulent activity, or maybe being defrauded. Can you imagine the horror?! Me… US Embassy Marine/Pirate :)! Love comics, NFTs, @PiratesMeta @ToyMories and people who are not dumb :) Also fond of weed and gators 🐊
2xgocrazy2 Bronx, NY @nyknicks What a night what a game all in front of celebrities like Fat Joe and great knicks like John Starks, Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell. MSG was on 🔥 #lakeshow #newyorkforever /NBA related tweets and funny/ LeCult DK NFL Champion 🏆/ Editing and meme 👑
HamptonStevens CST @colbyhall It was kind of hilarious when they were showing the celebrities courtside. Fat Joe and John McEnroe. Yeah, that's really bringing the star power. inventor of finger guns
NJD107_ @DrMurphPhd They need to get some new celebrities in there… sick of seeing fat Joe, John McEnroe and Tracey Morgan :-) High Noon Sun Sips Influencer/Official Steakhouse Elite Spokesman. #MongoMush, Mets, Jets, USC
camtofano Vancouver Islander @elonmusk @EdKrassen Hey Elon .... screw the fat cats "Celebrities". I am a simple retired Senior with no grandiose ambitions here and I Paid My $8 ..... those hippocrites. Retired Corporate Banker with a passion for anything Economics and Finance related specifically current issues . Democracy is not a spectator sport - get active
XXXLPOPS United States @elonmusk @EdKrassen Lol celebrities can kiss the big fat sack for a buck 7 more times and they've got their fee.
myfavoritmink I'll Show You @billiondripp @MassiveBrain69 @tap3000 @KameronBennett Fat women have husbands fat men have wives. Majority of the celebrities were rich, famous, and have all the power they have a single why because they’re crapty people. Meanwhile REGULAR MEN who are poor or just barely making it have more women craving them CUS IT DOESNT MATTER 🙊
MARS0411 Nope. @elonmusk is intelligent and knows that celebrities and politicos are getting over like fat rats, getting free publicity and notoriety on Twitter, while stabbing Americans and free speech in the heart & back. I support Elon’s decision 100%. Multiracial, Former 30 yr + Lib DEM, Both sides R useless, profiting off misery of Americans. Take 💉& shove it. 🌎 Shaker, ☮️ Maker. No one over 70 for POTUS
somebluddd @vini_ball Cr7 and Messi fans united to destroy those sub celebrities fat bottom fans
RogerMSvensson Sverige @EdKrassen I dont understand the fuzz about this. Just pay the forking 8 dollars and behave like adults. If you come to any of my clinics for free services I would just kick you out directly. If will not kiss any celebrities fat asses Private opinions and passion for music
PwmorozPhD Saskatoon, SK @donswaynos It's funny if you pay attention, but I suspect absolutely devoid of any substance for those of us who have real lives and only dabble with twitter. I get it, that some fat slob is trying to make money from twitter, and also jealous of celebrities making more though... Professor of entrepreneurial behaviour and process University of Regina
sugarhardbody @EdKrassen First world problems. I could give two fat craps about celebrities and their non-existing social media problems. If they don’t like Elon get off the platform. $8.00 for their perceived safety and they want it for free. I say there are some cheap mofos out there. Boohoo🤦🏼‍♀️
_turdwulf_ Peoria, IL You’re clearly a mentally stunted geriatric fork stain that hasn’t been able to see his dick for 3 decades you forking fat whore. You’re a clown, a bitch, a bigot and you can’t stop crying because little bald billionaire boy is paying for the celebrities blue bits. Get forked up. Sometimes I stream video games. When I do it’s mostly Destiny 2. you can watch that here.

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