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ScottMorehous10 Columbus, OH Hollywood always knows how to deliver. We are supposedly in the midst of a climate crisis. We are supposed to reduce our carbon footprint, while@big fat celebrities, are flying around the planet in private planes, and sailing on private ships and yachts. Like Lizzo and Matt. 😂🤡 God bless the USA.Veteran. Former political consultant/campaign mgr. Digital soldier. Left FB w/15k followers B/C constant censorship. MAGA!🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸
holycatholics porn, tiktok, all-around mostly degenerate music, commie coomer gay FAT celebrities, and #onlyfans. Jesus is Coming. You were all WARNED. The reprobate and disobedient keep coping and denying the love and truth of God.
GBOLAHANadekit1 Lagos, Nigeria The aftermath of this election will continue as long as those bogus celebrities who are hooked destructively and demonically on the opium of Likes and RTs because they are jobless and feed fat on politicians money. Pro Nigeria. I love nature. Cool,Calm and Collected.
vincentghoul lbk tx • he/him no lets talk abt THIS, alot of celebrities who are obsessed w anti aging, their main problem? and why they look 70 when theyre not? eating. they literally dont just eat food. they have no fat. ✩°。⋆ suck my dick ⋆。°✩
ilyuauggie Forks, WA @hvwkns @smallsworld_ @regrttes they had a shoe called "slave sandals" and stefano gabbana goes on instagram rants body shaming people, calling celebrities fat and ugly (he did it to gaga and selena, etc) the two main brand stylists are also against gay marriage (they are gay) ⠀“i love the smiths” — what? “i said i love the smiths”
BarryWh88914612 @Jonny_morgs @GaryLineker @OfficialBHAFC Shut the ABBC DOWN fund themselves not filling fat cat and celebrities with taxpayers money.
KUNGFEW1 Southside Chicago ride or die. @elonmusk @EndWokeness They paid out millions to Twitter influencers and celebrities on Twitter to promote the vaccine before you bought the company, this was never denied but most of these Influencers and celebrities didn't mention the fat payday, just lectures on don't be selfish, get jabbed. I am just a clown on the inside because the makeup and outfits look ridiculous. Comedy, movies, M.A🥋 etc. Daily quotes. IFB. ✌❤
fanofwangyibo @melon_num5 What a disgrace to his parents. A big fat liar. Paparazzi Yang Yang likes to target lot of celebrities like Dilireba, Wang Yibo and many others and we all know he is nice with certain celebrities and certain fandoms (fandoms who support him to slander other celebrities). N (She/Her) - Wang Yibo enthusiast 💚 MTJJ - Personal Account
blk_shinobi Atlanta, GA @jg_major It’s so weird that all the celebrities and influencers all want to have that same look. The lip injections, buccal fat removal and Botox face. Cali born but Atlanta raised📍 - Gemini (5/28) - 6’3- Foodie🍕 - Weights/Fit’ish💪🏾 - Anime🥷🏾 - Movie buff📽 - All around geek🤓
AkaEncien Earth @Cpop_Melon The 2 ‘internet celebrities’🙄have obviously been to South Korea and had the full V-line face lift, nose job, eye lids, liposuction on her waist and then used the fat to filled up on her hips and butt. 2 ‘plastic fantastic’ Barbies, their children will have their before faces😂🤣 I’m a genuine ‘Bitza’(bits of this,bits of that & bits of the other,along with sugar & spice and ‘most things nice)🇬🇧🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇳🇦🇺🇫🇷🇻🇳🇺🇸
ih8league all these celebrities getting buccal fat removal look forkED up they look like they aren't getting proper nutrition and their jaws look forking awful😭 they're gonna have to get filler within the next 10 years to make themselves look not completely ragged💀 I do stuff sometimes and cosplay. my love: 🖤@VELKA_EN🖤
ALMZ11_ South Africa Why is everyone wanting to remove the fat from the faces? Do these celebrities not understand that it’s actually the FAT in your face that makes you look youthful? And yess all these people are going a younger look but in reality they are just speeding up the aging process. Visual Development Artist specialising in Background Design and 2D Animation To see my art follow my Instagram page :) Sierra Leone🇸🇱 South Africa
furgieofficial London, England Celebrities are getting buccal fat removal left, right and center UX/UI + Gamer/Streamer 🎮 - Writer & Actor 🎥🎬 - Mental Health. on BBC sounds (Heart & Soul) #LGBT furgiebusiness@gmail.com for PR/Collab
honsool_agvstd 18 | she/her @sugasindigo i need celebrities to stop with the buccal fat removal and jaw filler like it just doesn’t look good i’m sorry 💀 flow along the way the water flows, maybe there might be something at the end of it
LOWLIGHTEU 16 | 🇮🇩 and seeing people fat shame celebrities easily just because they weigh more amidst their struggle to fight the disease in them just got me tearing up for real. i never really noticed that i had to decide to play someone's game or live my own life, and now i do. — (she/they)
Mpikanisi_ Polokwane, South Africa JLO is one of the most talentless celebrities out there. A pretty face and a fat bottom is a very powerful combination. It will definitely open doors that skill and talent can’t even knock on. Father of two boys. Liverpool FC.
ScottMorehous10 Columbus, OH Hollywood always knows how to deliver. We are supposedly in the midst of a climate crisis. We are supposed to reduce our carbon footprint, while@big fat celebrities, are flying around the planet in private planes, and sailing on private ships and yachts. Like Lizzo and Matt. 😂🤡 God bless the USA.Veteran. Former political consultant/campaign mgr. Digital soldier. Left FB w/15k followers B/C constant censorship. MAGA!🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸
Aleksandwifey Redondo Beach, CA YOU SAID. YOU SAID Old&ugly FAT LADY literally said we FAMOUS celebrities and we have the best pictures. Old&ugly FAT LADY literally said that we look so good Godzilla. Godzilla looks so GOOD Old&ugly FAT LADY literally said every Godzilla looks good 🔥🔥 AW I love my baby so much. I am texting my baby like that. 🖼🖼🖼
LessThanLau United Kingdom buccal fat removal being the new trend for celebrities atm is truly destroying me. i’ve always had wee hamster cheeks but i like my face and can post photos without my body but now i feel like i can’t take selfies at all cos it’s utterly “ugly” 😫 ffs she/they ✨ i love my animals, early 2000’s emo music and horror movies 👻 sometimes i stream on twitch 🎮
__dkc @CozySuperAlien U only have pictures of Beyoncé and jay z on your page that’s lame as hell. 😂😂 you probably a fat ugly bitch typing behind an android. no social life and stalk celebrities all day on the internet. You miserable and I bet your life sucks. 💎
ConservativeCD @DeTocqueville14 @SenatorRomney All of these politicians, celebrities and rich people should be doing exactly what they are demanding everyone else do while they sit on their fat behinds! Otherwise, they are what we all know they are...hypocrites! Queer conservative transgurl. Libertarian/vet/pro 2A/LGBT rights. Nobody has the right to impose their rights over another! Prefer FFs over LEOs! Lol 🔞
Deccan_Cable Hyderabad, India Mumbai: It is said that cycling helps you to remain active and helps lower body fat levels. From legs to the heart, it helps almost every organ of the body. In short, cycling offers a wealth of benefits and various Bollywood celebrities promote cycling. In this write-up, we will Become more informed.
gehuuri jewitch (any/all) idk if someone who calls ppl who don't like their rich loser faves fat can talk about not going anywhere in life though lmao. develop a personality outside of celebrities who don't know you and living a mean girl fantasy. get a hobby. collect something. top of the pops '99. priv @TREMEORS #blacklivesmatter #ACAB
12Memaw Georgia, USA AlecBaldwin will buy his way out of this murder. Money talks and BS walks with celebrities,high power attorneys and fat cats. I’m a devout Christian,Wife,Mother of Grandmother, animal lover,Trump Supporter,Constitution lover & Gun owner. I love my Country and Freedom.
APL212 New York, NY “Celebrities are getting their BBLs and filler removed because they don’t want to look like you commoners” Baby some of these people are sick and not telling you that part of their story. And every fat bottom is not a BBL. Illegal injections were rampant in the early 2010s.
DesaiAryann @whineandchill @lmaooocharmer People who think celebrities have to do all this are just ignorant people. No our fav don’t need to do this. They can sit home still have our respect. I’m going on record and will say this she achieved nothing by doing this. FAT NOTHING. i don’t like people cause they don’t like ME!
LooCarey @markmaycot Oh these actors need to do one. If I saw a women, child someone disabled. I’d agree we need to help but these are men dressed in designer gear with mobile phones no women children and elderly. Are they bloody blind or just getting a big fat pay check these celebrities
DrIteld Chicago, IL Buccal fat removal is a trending cosmetic surgery procedure taking over social media. You’ve probably seen photos of celebrities who have had this done. Curious about Buccal fat pad removal? Read our blog at and learn more Board Certified #PlasticSurgeon; specializing in cosmetic surgery of the breast, body, and face.
ComptonCreates Los Angeles, CA @dylanobrien @dylanobrien Dylan O’Brien You obviously don’t “get the world” when you date a fat shaming homophobic racist. The hypocrisy of celebrities is disgusting & disturbing. Or is this the opposite of @rachaellange1 from 2011, you were decent, she was awful, and now you reversed roles? This juggernaut is gaining momentum🤯Writer #WGA/Commercial/Film Director/Animal Advocate/Human Rights/Sociology Exp 💜 BIPOC Compton, CA native
BernardwIlly19 Staten Island, NY Why some say that’s a beautiful healthy body is 🥜! And it put’s, especially young girls, in a position to start the “I’m 102 lbs and I’m so fat!” It’s nonsense that these women/celebrities/famous who think the closer you are to 80 lbs the more adored you’ll be! Hurtful narrative THE ONE G-D HA-SHM
holycatholics porn, tiktok, all-around mostly degenerate music, commie coomer gay FAT celebrities, and #onlyfans. Jesus is Coming. You were all WARNED. The reprobate and disobedient keep coping and denying the love and truth of God.
NigelHocking3 @JMPSimor He sounds a little jealous. Clearly, he's not got a "fat cat" consulting job, and he is envious of a celebrities' lifestyle!
lanesrA1sauce @SmartCoda @ethannathorne @RaverOldskool @Femi_Sorry so she stated a fact that he’s a hypocrite and also black, it’s like saying typical fat hypocrite, does that mean I hate all fat people cos they are fat or is it just a description, I hear stupid white this stupid white that all the time from black celebrities no one bats an eye. the worlds gone mad, My pronouns are, I’m right/always right 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 🇺🇸 🇨🇦
DST1002 Planet 🌎 @madgal72 Why would you need celebrities to make you feel good about being fat? Just be disciplined and lose the weight yourself. Person. Father. Husband. CPA. I live in a house on a street in a city in a state in a country in a universe.
fashionfaguette I Don’t Own Any Content • 18+ People on this app calling celebrities fat every day, talking down on their appearance…shaming people like Selena, Lizzo etc but god forbid I say an outfit didn’t fit a well known artist and his stylist should’ve gotten it tailored……… how does that correlate to me saying it… fashionfaguette@gmail.com
RichardBonnerDa Sevenoaks, South East “fat cat law firms”…"Vacuous, self-indulgent celebrities." Dear God, how low has the rhetoric sunk. Hate, division and blame…almost like 1930’s Germany, you might say. Do something about this @RishiSunak @ConHome English ad man, political junkie, father & husband
angiemofficial United States @DarkDisciplis So you support people who sexual harass male celebrities, fat shame women, who support abusers, and that are homophobic and racist??? Wow good to know who to stay far away from!! Singer, Dancer,Actress, and Makeup Artist
sindhuntold Australia Recently Sushmita Sen suffered a major heart attack .Wondering why the celebrities who have a super healthy lifestyle suffer these life threatening conditions. Is it fad diets like Keto which has high fat content ,supplements and ditching nutrition their way.But it’s scary 😟 Sindhi who is in search of the lost land of her ancestors.Cyber Security professional |Views are personal
derek_longden @mrjamesob Ably backed up by sir John Hayes with the fat cat lawyers and vacuous celebrities. A true class warrior is John
PARLYapp SW1A 0AA Sir John Hayes rails against “fat cat law firms … aided and abetted by militant interest groups determined to subvert the will of the people and cheered on by vacuous, self-indulgent, celebrities leading millionaire lifestyles”. PARLY is a journalism project that focuses on the House of Commons and the Westminster village. 📸 ©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor
bigsisjass where the wild things are📍 Y’all swear celebrities ain’t getting BBLs they’re just going from full projection to skinny bbls and fat transfer to the hips. Relax ain’t I?
justwilting @abcamp50 I get super annoyed at people who post images of skinny/normal celebrities and hate on their weight, or speculate about their BMI ("omgg it's probably like 27!!". Even if they were fat: leave them alone. It's one thing to hate yourself, but it's another to actively judge others. ED TW | 21 y/o | Relapsing | 152 cm | Caffeine addict
PillowPrincesse Why did all the celebrities get Buccal fat removal? It looked like Tessa Thompson got it and Megan did too? Or is there a new contour technique out?? Catfish.
AriThinks Baltimore Fat asses will NEVER go out of style. Like in real life, I don’t give af what these celebrities got going on. Blac Chyna got sober and suddenly yall making this a thing again 😭 Finance Manager | MOM | THATGirl 😌 My tweets do not reflect my employer
emeraldmonet Milwaukee, WI These celebrities had yall spending yall life savings to get a fat bottom and now they're taking the shots out 🫠🤦🏾‍♀️ May my enemies live long so they can see me prosper 💰✈💫🖤 IG- emeraldmonet 💎
BreeSoPretty The bbl era will be over soon. A lot of celebrities are removing their breast implants and removing fat and silicone from their asses. Bitch ima Motha‼️
alex_abads NYC room full of celebrities on ozempic clapping because these people created a fat person and made him monstrous -4.00 in my right eye. charming succubus in training. emma frost correspondent for vox.
trashykins disgraceland I’m going to the Oscar’s and I’m wearing a dress made of celebrities buccal fat. #BLM #freebritney
LoosCoilz Between para and normal @miles_ph7 @STEFisDOPE Yeah but most “regular” people aren’t going to prioritize because your neighbors are probably fat and ugly too. I don’t feel many celebrities have the option NOT to “improve” themselves because of the company they keep. For some it’s not a choice, but a necessity. Old and hopeless

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