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ceesmole 21 | they/he | bi, trans, enby @kzscrr it’s literally always the same bullcrap 💀 and hope and pray to god they never post about a fat celebrity or anything weight-related because holy crap the fatphobia JUMPS out sophisticated kazuscara analyst first, human second | sometimes 🔞 | proship dni | ic: fractalmagnolia
colettearrand I know it’s been said a million times, but The Whale is absurdly violent towards fat people. My 600 Pound Life on the anabolic steroids of celebrity and Oscar clout. Not one aspect of it is good, and everyone involved should feel shame. we’re not ugly people, harge | words @thateggsobig | publicist @mergerecords
stacey_higgins USA Every article crediting Ozempic for celebrity weight loss and blaming them (& fat ppl) for the semiglutide shortage is essentially an ad to the masses about this “miracle” weight loss drug that they will now ask their Dr for and result in even more people taking it. Well played! coastal elite
jellymay blk ୧ 13 + she/her fat tiktok ppl see one celebrity lose weight and start acting like theres going to be people outside of their house telling them to lose weight non edtwt dni ♡
julianne_terese This might be a hot take, but I haven’t seen a single celebrity that has looked good yet after buccal fat removal. Feel like it’ll be one of those beauty trends we look back on and cringe. I am neither the Eggman nor the Walrus. CLE, Flyer, Wine Enthusiast, etc.
SAINTTLF Colorado, USA @Wolfiesmom @RobAnderson2018 You've never been fat! And that wouldn't matter anyways... Btw - I'm 10 years your junior and you've been my celebrity crush since I was 6 🤭 Saints • Suns • Dbacks • Coyotes • ASU/UofA Left of Center, Husband and Aspir Dad. Wear a forking mask 😷
xoGeorgiePorgie @itstoke I would think it was more weird if her mom was a celebrity. Like when ppl post their mom on her knowing she’s bad for ppl to lust over. We already know erykah bottom fat. And I think they promoting the pants. I just don’t think it’s that serious unfriendly black hottie.....I make wigs
AuntieKIMfrVine Mobile, Alabama @Phllp_Wnslw And let’s be real, EVERYONE hates fat in any celebrity unless it’s in comedy. Y’all not going to say that about Sam Smith like they aren’t attacking Lizzo on the regular. Hell they even talking about Rihanna for instead of dropping music, she’s gained weight by dropping a baby. I am a Professional Cusser. Don't follow me if you have a problem with that.
BWBusinessworld New Delhi Watch Mr. @T8Vijay, Celebrity Health Coach and Functional Medical Expert talking about how eating less is making one fat and the misconceptions around weight management, with @harbindernarula CEO, BW Wellbeing World & @BWHealthcareW. Watch Now: BW Businessworld is India’s largest & most respected business magazine known for its independent opinions | |
0xcusesfitness Dongguan, China Why celebs truly need their SPACE! via @YouTube #life #celebrities #motivational - this link goes ALONG with the video here. DO READ! #trolls #losers #doers #success #winners Best selling author. Unapologetically BRAZEN FITNESS TIPS THAT JUST FLAT OUT WORK! - Sign up now, folks!
ivangenecross3 @Cashiez8 @TheCreatorClash @Idubbbz @AlexWassabi @FloydMayweather @KEEMSTAR @KSI @MisfitsBoxing @jakepaul Your still a wannabe nobody and a fat loser. Any famous celebrity, here on Twitter, does not know you. Get away from me !!! Again, I am not ducking you or anything. hello and welcome to my Twitter page. I'm a 23 year old man child, who has down syndrome. I'm a actor, video producer, and owner of @IvanTalksBoxing
OulaPa France @AishaBintAbiBa1 If you beared kids it's not fat, it's just loose skin and abdominal muscles. What's the excuse for 80% of men past 30 to look like this AT BEST? Even the super rich celebrity ones?? Just here to read on woman centric news. Radfem-ish, ex-muslim arab of the future, sex role critical (feminine especially) , anti-theist, democrat, child free.
g_whorehouse @Mickbraz1 @steowall @paulmurphy_TD @sinnfeinireland @hazechu @pb4p @AodhanORiordain @HMcEntee Steo- back in prison for crimes against music. Paul- on the dole q in 2025 with the wasters who vote for him. Hazel- RTE Celebrity Fat Camp. Aodhan- at the clinic having the final consultation and form signing before beginning transitioning Covid Truther. Low tolerance for establishment lackeys. Use cash. fork the machines.
BWBusinessworld New Delhi Dieting doesn't mean starving! Watch Mr. Vijay Thakkar, Celebrity Health Coach and Functional Medical Expert talking about how eating less is making one fat and the misconceptions around weight management, with @harbindernarula CEO, BW Wellbeing World & BW HealthcareWorld. BW Businessworld is India’s largest & most respected business magazine known for its independent opinions | |
GilifZ AgmGilif @Ceezai9 @OliMvG_ @Pedr6h Not by myself you forking retard, don’t be making out like your some celebrity in real life, you’re fat and you get zero females that’s why you sit on PlayStation every day
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incognito__04 ‘All my worries and troubles disappear when I see you’ – Yomi Casual celebrates daughter at 5 Nigerian celebrity tailor, Omoniyi Makun, a.k.a Yomi Casual, is today, Monday, January 23 celebrating his daughter’s fifth birthday. Kahley Makun turned 5 today and the excited fat… the official incognito account
samir New York City Throw all the celebrity buccal fat into the ocean and create the North Atlantic Buccal Patch I'm an account on the internet. also @zillowgonewild and @kalesalad and celebrity home shopping
PumfeePuppy Mexica on Lenape land Bruh wtf is wrong with western beauty standards like why the fork do celebrity women all look like Tim Burton characters and remove their cheek fat. Like who the fork started this who the fork was the rich man that said "yea you know what skeletons are hot" Anamaría ☪️🏳️‍⚧️ | She/Her | 18 | 💕Victor💕 | Ecology Student 🌿| Autistic | Marxist-Leninist 📕| Uphold Socialism!🇨🇳🇻🇳🇱🇦🇨🇺🇰🇵 🇵🇸🇸🇾🇦🇲 🇲🇽
MistyLou4 @nypost I'm on the fence for this one. She wasn't really out of pocket by taking a video when her phone was on airplane mode but then to say what she did and that she's a "celebrity" and call someone fat...I don't know about all that. I don't know who she is but yeah, it was weird
OllieReedFC @robreiner Really? Still doing the Trump thing. Is there another fat has been celebrity that’s still banging on about the grassy knoll or Oliver North. There’s not going to be one because it never happened. Unlike someone stealing money and misappropriating it. Ring any bells? Celebrating the life and drinking skills of the World's greatest actor and piss head. Technical VP for aerospace design and research organisation
Raymond80730582 @skellyian It seems that if you are fat loud and were on a crapty reality TV programme, that makes you a celebrity husband,father,grandfather. voted leave.
JeffAndDonkeys A mile from pavement. We value wealth. Any asshole can be an international celebrity if he has enough money. We value speed. Wanta piss people off? Go out on the highway and obey the speed limit. Infuriates all of them. Lotteries. Billionaires You know why Missouri's fat indebted rednecks love Tmurp? I am kin to all life. The faster you go, the more you miss. Living slow with donkeys in full public view, YouTube link below.
Fat_Figo_ Northern Ireland, United Kingdom @realstewpeters No one thinks it’s strange how he’s a young celebrity and then resurfaces in a shooting years later? #LFC #deletetheelite
CoachesHotSeat Atlanta - Boulder - Lake Tahoe Saw Fat Boy from Palm Beach play in Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament...the one where he and Stormy hooked-up less 2 weeks after his wife had their Son...and Fat Boy be lucky to break 90 if he actually holed out all his putts and kept a Real Score! Hell @dpshow beat his bottom Covering College Football Coaching from Miami to Honolulu Just Our Humble Opinions! #LetsPlayFootball!
lee_brenon Buffalo, NY You can train like your favorite athlete or celebrity, but you still won’t end up looking like them. Focus on improving your own health, body, aesthetics, and/or performance. You CAN augment YOUR own body by: 💪🏼 Adding on muscle mass. ⚖️ Reducing body fat. 1/2 Husband, dog dad, personal trainer, wannabe boxer 👨🏼‍💻DM for programs, 1:1 coaching | E-Mail List ⬇️
oragiri_el Dubai, United Arab Emirates @ClownWorld_ Do I look like I support Andrew Tate. - A fat girl with green hair. Nah, you look like a celebrity and anime obsessed girl with a bunch of insecurities. #FreePalestine 🇵🇸❤️ حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
sky_king__ @VymaxT @HenshawKate U want her dead I guess, a certain person said a certain person was getting fat and he was arrested for that, anything that makes a celebrity make a statement like you want her to, the list that can happen to her is career death and worst can go as bad as murder cause vaulence and watch dem run around😂😂😂
realjean2it TX&or/film,tv,commercial set 'This guy held my leg closed with his bare hands - just fat and blood coming out.' These stars had terrifying near death experiences... Sag/Aftra actress/publicist/subteacher, insurance agent/former news biz
YoonLizel @davidlicauco Nag absent talaga ako sa work nung nag mall show kayo dito sa Cebu just to see you. It was the first mall show I attended and the only local male celebrity that I idolize 🥲 Kung Hei Fat Choi @davidlicauco ❤
060422ww edtwt ! bro people are so sick really, a celebrity here posted a pic of her daughter that's 7 months old and people were fat shaming the baby?????? sé q muchas veces dije q el lobo venía pero esta vez el lobo está acá
theoneNIP hopefully Mars one day Generally nowadays Fat people's only reason for a celebrity status is to promote and normalise a lifestyle that is as unhealthy as anorexia - Change My Mind! Future mass earner on Twitter after monetisation
WednyDrinks Country Club, FL Check out this celebrity wine-maker from the hit show Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids with their Vermentino from #Venezuela -Shan Weinhaus scores +94pts #Wine goes in here! Out comes reviews #aiartist #food #pairings #vino #scores #travel #vineyard #winery #blog #somm #sommelier #podcast #cultfollowing #artist
RhiannonSussex @Taniabanks24 @chuck_mackenzie @opensightmike @ClintDavis74 My point was Trump is not qualified to run a country seeing as he’s a bad business man and failed tv celebrity. Zelensky is proving to be a strong president in this war. I wonder how well dumb old fat Trump would have coped
dave43law @DrAseemMalhotra @elonmusk Of course they did Did you lay there awake all night dreaming this up Again as much evidence as anything else you promote A big fat zero PS Laurence Fox is hardly a celebrity and photographs himself A UK without poverty, for the NHS, for a sustainable future and a life without Tories #GTTO #FBPE #SunakOut #GTTO
LindsayTaylore Earth, Milky Way Galaxy Attention! If you personally know a celebrity or public official who would be willing to answer a single question about soup, please get in touch. This is very important. More than the bees! And I swear I won’t ask them about their buccal fat removal! I once earned a black belt in karate, but I’m pretty sure that was just a dream.
Suzaku0351 @realTuckFrumper At least somebody has some sense. I think Kyle Rittenhouse needs to go get a job and quit acting like he is some kind of celebrity hero. He is a fat blubbering killer nobody
AmyS18882442 @amybruni @ChelseaLaden I say- I’m just fat. Or asked when I’m due I say, September 2005. And I’m not even a celebrity! It’s crazy how people talk to women!
GossipBucket Hollywood, CA Buccal fat removal 'can have major implications' as you age: I thought buccal fat removal was going to be one of those niche celebrity gossip topics, but it actually moved over to my "main feed" and randoms from college who don't seem particularly… The ultimate celebrity news aggregator. Gossip Bucket is a big swirling bucket of the latest celebrity news, hollywood gossip and trending articles.
katiecrosby5 Yorkshire england @HolyFukcmedead @realstewpeters This came back to bite her on her now fat bottom ! Hate it when aging celebrity’s try and stay relevant by jumping on to the latest “ thing “ to endorse especially when it’s a medical procedure there not medically trained and then there’s the genicide aspect lol that’s another tweet Yorkshire born,Viking heritage - as another of my ancestors said “freedom” !! Valkyrie spirit all through the dna !
VinoVeritas1984 USA most of the time @Edwin07011 This fat bastard bought an Island and a beach front mansion in California. He is full of crap. Out here trying to post the truth. New to twitter and surprised by how much I like it. Give me a follow if you'd like.
Waystargworl forking insane. Don’t let these forking Celebrity’s convince you that being fat and obese is beautiful. It’s not. It’s slow suicide. GET TO THE SUPERMARKET. EAT LIGHT. GET TO THE GYM. WORK HARD. 🇺🇸 +🇩🇴 🗽💗
Punk_Solipsist I’m not sure what the absolute worst celebrity type is but I think those that make a big fat pile of money in a capitalist system and then tout commie bullcrap when they’re rich must be high on the list. Discourse is on life-support. Don’t pull the plug. Also…you probably don’t exist.
ceesmole 21 | they/he | bi, trans, enby @kzscrr it’s literally always the same bullcrap 💀 and hope and pray to god they never post about a fat celebrity or anything weight-related because holy crap the fatphobia JUMPS out sophisticated kazuscara analyst first, human second | sometimes 🔞 | proship dni | ic: fractalmagnolia
TreadmillRaver1 Fresno CA He's turning into a fat woman before your very eyes; and whst you dont see is very ptobably his distended anus in all its glory---the consequences of living gay for a former celebrity entertainer California: Fresno. Ex Roman Catholic Anti Opus Dei
TrentonBillings Nashville, TN If i ever hacked into a celebrity twitter account I would simply use it to tweet insults at people I don’t like. Imagine some dumb bitch from my high school getting @‘d by Selena Gomez and it just says “shame on you, you sick fat pig. your recent actions are disgusting” when therapy don’t work i yell “flo milli crap!” instead
vermillionair3 Florida Go back and watch even the good crap like the Conan-era Late Night stuff and every third joke was some just brutally unfunny slam aimed at a celebrity having a mental health crisis, or a fat person, or a trans person, or some combination or variation on any of those vermillionaire. He/her, 32 DJ // leftist // genderfluid // cyberpunk // punished Floridian // occasional vtuber // health goth