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Gasoutdoors @AuronMacintyre @MattWalshBlog No one wants to see her fat ass! What she needs is a celebrity trainer and diet! She is morbidly obese! Outdoor fishing, Truck camping, exploring lakes, rivers, ponds, join our journey. #VFL🍊
lalecox New York, USA @TheBaddestMitch fat icon and realistic celebrity? time to update that bio! 😂😂😂 realistic celebrity
lovett_lance @NotPennysBoat4 @tmddyan2 @Hotel2a And when you find last night's Tucker, you'll see...yeah the Dana episode hasn't aired yet....that was just the promo clip, FEATURING our very own celebrity the Fat Mexican's Mom. :)
InspiredFPS Installation 07 @billieeilish : "Don't give ugly men a chance." Imagine if a male celebrity said "Don't give fat women a chance." Honestly amazing anyone follows this woman. I've been saying she's a monster for years and she's been showing her true colors. King in the South, Neighborhood hermit. Follower of Christ. Halo Main Slayer. Mount&Blade Warband Fnatic. UT99 leading Fragger.
fizzgigm Australia @AustralianIdol @Channel7 @7plus I wonder if the other hosts know about Kyle’s long list of offensive comments, fat shaming, and vile stunts? @Meghan_Trainor @Scott_Tweedie @HarryConnickJR Progressive - Ally - Parent - Gamer - Politics Junkie - Living on the unceded land of the Ngunnawal people.
moon_child_k she/her Yoongi is a big fat mood. The most un-celebrity-ish and relatable celeb pluviophile 💜
Michael37615957 Rotherham, England @jk_rowling You are sick. @amazon the Rowling thing will be trolling you next for selling binders - and attacking @NHSuk for providing puberty blocker information. She is everything that modern ‘celebrity’ embodies- arrogant and entitled… then encourages kids to fat shame kids LGBTQ fiction writer - looking for a home for a PHD. Defender of an inalienable right to be gay . (He/Him).
the_baddestx10 A certain celebrity called me ugly and fat because I said she’d never get a ring like jai nice. Babes you sucked gunnas dick and still cheated on you plus you’re Bbl is botched and you’re really ugly just light skin that helps you move up in the paper bag challenge. Relax. touch my crown 👑
SondraGlenn704 @JackPivvy @RaminSetoodeh Agreed. Humanitarian work for a big celebrity means writing a fat check. Humanitarian work for us humble people is all about putting in some hard work, getting your hands dirty, giving of our time, actually meeting the people we are helping and enjoying every minute of it!
heather_dinsey Birmingham, England Was ridiculously giddy/starstruck when Sir Topham Hat (the fat controller to our generation) sang happy birthday to my child at ThomasLand today and I think I have a new celebrity crush?! @DraytonManor Barts graduate/ex medic. Angry wife. Rodent mom. Human mom. Former vegan back on the croissants (sorry). Vegetarian. She/her.
viagracondios It's a good job I'm not religious because I'd completely buy that the devil possessed a fat wannabe celebrity and ran him for president to fvck crap up. Including brainwashing the masses and corrupting the entire republican party. Laughing amidst the flames of democracy I just want to make jokes about Republicans, Tories and see animal pics. music, animals and pizza
stankmonkey471 they/them/there/thare imagine if niche tiktok micro celebrity fruitbrainz smoked a fat joint with you in cosplay and they got their crapty lip gloss and black lipstick (that is just actual face paint) all over the joint what would you do meaghan 18, fresh out of the chrysalis, bottom of the food chain, #5436 fortnite player, lover of all things crypto 🩻📀🪲🪩🦋🥭🧷
Zagzigs1 @bitterkarella Your evil job, if you choose to accept it, would be some real garbage eating paparazzo that focused solely on getting pics of some celebrity's gut and then making front page shame bullcrap like FAMOUS YESTERDAY, FAT TODAY. Because god help us if Britney eats on her time off. Freak. 18+ Only. He/Him/Whatever. Everything just gets dumber and more annoying by the second.
JerseyG82828691 @MichelleDewbs Yesterday we visited Hull. Shocked at the young teens & 20s so FAT. Is there a celebrity on Fakebook they can follow and wake them up? Someone to motivate them? So saddened to see these youngsters heading for illness in life. Sue from Brigg
MarcozianAuto United States @truth2lies1 @donwinslow Eddie is talented and even though I can’t stand his music, so is Harry. You can’t deny that. The fact that you hide behind a celebrity profile pic on twitter while you make dumb comments really shows how much you know how fat, ugly and useless you are. You hate yourself. Sad. BF | Sober | ₳theist | ex Raiders fan | Warriors | A’s | Lib | crap Talker | Ally 🏳‍🌈✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻| I’m intolerant of intolerance | 🚫MAGA🚫
U4EYAH U4EYAH Ok I am mistaken with my own bullcrap. Cause saying “I love fat people” and mentioning Lizzo is like referencing the only black celebrity you can think of as an average white person. “I love will smith!”
DontWalkRUN Chinatown, China @TheQuartering When a female celebrity is overweight, she's "beautiful, stunning, and brave." They're featured on magazine covers and hired to sell underwear. No one celebrates fat men. Ever. Senior Political Analyst / Austere Political Scholar / Not a Biologist / "A Random Guy" - Brian Stelter / #WangGang Instagram & TikTok: DontWalkRUNProductions
freedy50 London, England Why do they need to be so pc these days with poofs & lesbians dancing together? 🙄 Ruins the whole programme.😕 And who on earth is that fat lesbian monster anyway???🤔 Certainly not a ""celebrity""like most of them aren't anyway. #StrictlyComeDancing 'I'm a very private and secretive person......that's it really' 😁👍
DavixxaYT @KasaiKaiser >"Ul'dah, everything goes our way" Yes, because we're people in a relative amount of power even then, and because the leader is sympathetic to our cause. Gotta remember those fat stacks Ameliance sends the twins. F'lhaminn is a former celebrity, Y'shtola, Urianger, Thancred, 23 | She/her 🏳️‍⚧️ | DA/ENG/日本語OK | Writer @kiri_basara | SciADV fangirl in the making | I play too much FFXIV (and some WoW)
callumskc California @_Shiroi_Hoshi It's so weird and it's the most fat reaching ones that people believe and all the evidence is based on some random celebrity saying so kc sports, thfc, The Locals SG and SD Loyal, photographer he/him/his
EON18999545 @angiebubblesx @LeonJames3 Ah well.......i'd imagine you are fat.. lonely, no friends and celebrity culture,gets you through the day, there is help out there ange, you just need to seek it i quite like spam
Frankie61H Wales @Councillorsuzie @mrjamesob I’m just delving into your character and you seem to have a rather nasty side unless you’ve changed🤔 Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Borough Council’s Conservative group, came under fire for calling ITV’s I’m a Celebrity contestant Gemma Collins “fat, ugly and ghastly” Pro -EU #FBPE #JohnsonOut Anti-Tory Support Rugby, Played a bit of Rugby, like sport, understand it's just a game now. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
greekltragedy •she/her •lvl 24 i.e. it doesn't matter if that one celebrity or politician will never see ur fatphobic tweets or would not care u r engaging in behaviors telling of ur personality, not theirs. u also normalize and perpetuate a harmful mindset that will be detrimental to other fat ppl later on. of a gentle heart and a fiery spirit
alotusprincess Salt Lake City, UT When you make fun of a politician or celebrity for being fat, or bald, or ugly, you're just making fun of your friends and you're hurting their feelings. Time for Persephone to rise.💜 Protect. Restore. Fund.#Nature 🌎 Women's and Children's Rights Matter ♀ #MeToo 🙏 #Churchtoo #Nooneshouldbepreywheretheypray
Heather53404878 palm bay Florida @JacLaurita hey there I feel annoying cuz I'm sure your busy bring a celebrity. Just have slot going on and I'm really really upset and depressed. I know that you've got fat more things going on then to hear from a41 year old lol. I would be honored 2 hear u I'm 34 years old I love animals, true crime books, crime documentaries, taking pictures and writing
Honorcard @sfix_cr @cr_jonah Hahaha no way he looks like a dutch celebrity and he is fat asf Our only limitations are those we set up in our minds ~ Napoleon Hill. Blacklist enthousiast and a huge fan of: The Last Of Us🇳🇱
nubianlocz The Emerald City ❇️ As soon as a celebrity cheats on a Black woman the misogyny JUMPS out and the men start talking out the side of their necks. The men are literally calling Nia Long ugly, fat and annoying now to justify the infidelity. she/her | Hip-Hop Archivist | Southern Hip-Hop Scholar | Queer 🌈 | PhD Candidate | ATLien | #DirtySouthFeminism 👩🏽‍🦱🎙
twistthelie KINGMAKER | BE A HERO There are incidents and damage which are nothing, still Indians suicide for them. What if everybody has your nude photo, those celebrity your fat bottom father is worshipping has already circulated many but no issue. They have so large image in the world but they are not worried. PHILOSOPHY| OBSERVATION| POWER |
SeriousWhySo67 @Nadoosh24714654 @discoveryplus @YouTube And even with everything that was excluded, just the fact that he admitted to headbutting her is domestic violence, we’re done, she wins the case! but unfortunately this jury was swayed by a fat, rich, white, alcoholic, male celebrity. Typical of our judicial system OG HashTagger back from a mental health sabbatical. Twitter is better the 2nd time around.
chrisg4u2 Dayton, TN Trumpy says “ It’s a witch hunt …” if that’s true Trumpy it confirms what everyone suspected all along …. You are just a fat Witch and have NEVER BEEN A CELEBRITY lol. Truth Seeker
JenniferMunro1 London @TRBlevins @clairecmc I think America (and the world) got a big fat lesson about worshipping money and celebrity. Hopefully, leaders with integrity, experience and passion for democracy will take the place of the fool. Owner Fernro Publishing & Skin Science Authority with Dr Des Fernandes. Author. Wildlife lover. Archaeologist. I specialise in making science simple
RianaNaipaul female character: *leaves her male partner after his repeated lies about his character have surfaced* Dudes: WHAT A WHORE Male celebrity: *leaves his female partner for the crime of gaining weight and/or turning 25* Dudes: yeah he’s justified. She’s a fat perimenopausal bitch she/her/hers LG(B)TQIA Nerd, geek, dork. Just depends on the day. Comandeered @canolaoil5 ‘s clothes. Peace and love ✌🏽❤️
awkwardqueerJa Rainbow City 🌈 I mean. She was bullied for destroying the Marilyn Monroe dress bcuz of her fat bottom and now that she lost a bunch of weigh to prolly fit into more Marilyn dresses, she's being clocked again lmaooo oh the life of a celebrity Aries| BARB| stoner| pop culture commentator| snap:PRIMADONNABOY93| 🇯🇲♈🏳️‍🌈
mel0n__ United Kingdom I once got called fat by a celebrity when I was 10, and now I have to suffer through their bad acting in She-Hulk 💕🌸Autistic🌸They/Them//She🌸Artist🌸Sweet Lolita & Fairy Fashion🍬🍬🍬 🏳️‍🌈💞 lvl.3.0
writersdelite Hempstead, NY @MutualAidBoost Please help a Black, bi, fat, femme, poor, non-binary trans survivor try to get SOME semblance of justice against their celebrity abuser/cyberstalker in civil court. Please read the thread AND the GoFundMe story! EIC, Rooted in Rights. Blues singer-songwriter. Screenwriter. Activist. Black. Bi. NB. Disabled. Fat. Femme. Polyam. Kinky. Witch. Founder: #FatAcceptanceMonth
acafanmom Alexandria/Charlottesville, VA Yes, it's two years old, but this is essentially the thesis of my book conclusion, not yet in existence. Assistant Professor @UVA @mediastudies | she/her/dr | 丙午 | RTs are sometimes bookmarks for myself | aka @TLiminality