Pork a celebrity

Pork a celebrity.

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PJM_data In the rematch over pork belly, Na PD pointed at Jimin and consulted which photo should he pick from the remaining celebrity photos. Jimin, who burst into laughter, suggested his opinion, saying, "I can't help but not know the first three," Fanbase account for BTS' main dancer, lead singer and producer Park Jimin | Your source for real-time and accurate daily updates, music stats, news & more.
psychelock ic: @kieranyanner me: celebrity worship is pointless because their morals will never reflect yours and you'll only ever end up disappointed me when the funny pork soda band makes ecofacist jpegs: 🥺 val // 22 // genderless wife // 💚@blondiesanjuro 💚commissions open!

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